Job Status for a job created using a policy shows "Blocked by template rule" while there is no template rule set.

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Job status for a job created using policy may show "Blocked by template rule" even when no template rule is set and the scheduled start time may also show an older date.


To resolve the issue follow either of the steps below:

1. Open the policy and click on Edit Template. And resubmit the policy without making any changes to it.
2. Right click on the policy, click Delete jobs created by policy.
    Right click on the policy again and click on New Jobs using Policy and select the selection list again.
3. Delete the Template which shows as "Blocked by Template rule" and Recreate the template with same settings and schedule it. After you recreate template make sure Jobs created by old policy are deleted and recreate the jobs again using the same policy.

4. Recreate the complete Policy.

5. If two job from the same policy using common selection list are running at same time change the time on one of the jobs so that they do not run  simultaneously.

In this particular case, it may be needed to run both jobs at the same time, for example to target the backup to tape AND to disk. If this is the case, instead of using a policy and two templates, configure two separate backup jobs, without using a policy.


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