"Warning: unable to obtain list of files using specified search criteria" or 671 "query for list of component images failed"

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Cannot restore from some backups. Backup, Archive & Restore GUI will not display files for restore or a synthetic backup job returns error 671.

The policy which created the backup has the following properties:

  • Backup Policy selection is ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES
  • Multiple Datastreams are enabled. 
  • Client has an exclusion set for the whole of one of the drives/partitions.

For the backup ID that relates to the excluded drive, the image header file lists the backup id and a files file, however there is no fragment line included in this header.
The backup for the excluded drive will appear in the Backup, Archive & Restore GUI but there will be no data available for restore.
Furthermore if this backup is used as a component image for a Synthetic backup, then the following is received for the synthetic job for the stream that is excluded on the client: 
"Status 671 "query for list of component images failed"


"Warning: unable to obtain list of files using specified search criteria"
671 "query for list of component images failed"


In the bpdbm log we see something like:
13:08:15.732 [29124] <32> Function: CatImg_MakeSyntheticsImage: File: nbe_cat_c_api.cpp Line: 2009: Unsupported image format
13:08:15.732 [29124] <2> synthesize_client_images: synthetics backups matching criteria = 0
13:08:15.732 [29124] <2> bpdbm: request complete: exit status 79 unsupported image format for the requested database query


This situation is caused because the system will start a unique stream for each drive/partition discovered.  Consequently each stream will have a record created in the images databaase.
If a whole drive/partition is excluded this stream will back up no files and be empty. When a synthetic backup runs it will find the header file for the excluded drive. The system reads this empty backup as an error condition since it will attempt to create a synthetic backup but will not be able to find backup data associated with that backupid.


The workaround is to create a dummy file in each excluded partition/drive  (e.g. /disk2/NBU_DUMMY_FILE or D:\NBU_DUMMY_FILE) and then list that file in the include_list. In this way each stream has at least 1 file within it and the synthetic backups are able to complete successfully.
On Microsoft Windows clients, specify exclude and include lists in the Backup, Archive, and Restore client interface: Start Backup, Archive, and Restore and click File > NetBackup Client Properties. Go to the Exclude list or Include list tab. For further instructions, see the NetBackup user's guide for the client. 

The include list is found/created here: /usr/openv/netbackup/include_list

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