Memory leak in VERITAS Cluster Server's link monitoring process (halink)

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Memory leak in VERITAS Cluster Server's link monitoring process (halink)


VERITAS has recently discovered a memory leak issue with its Cluster Server product (VRTSvcs 1.x).  This problem
only occurs if the LinkMonitoring attribute in the cluster configuration is enabled, and may take several days in order
for the system to encounter any significant performance degradation.    

If enabled, VERITAS Cluster Server (VCS) will start up a halink process, which will send notification to hagui in case of a down private heartbeat link.  By default, this attribute is disabled.

The incident:

       - 41998 halink doesn't free memory when monitoring LLT network links

Who is at risk:
All VCS 1.x installations on Solaris and HP, and VCS 1.2 on Windows NT 4.0 with LinkMonitoring attribute enabled.  Current setting of the attribute can be determined from 'haclus -display clustername' output or from VCS' file as shown below:   haclus -display clusterfun
      #Attribute        Value
      ClusterName       clusterfun
      CompareRSM        0
      CounterInterval   5
      DumpingMembership 0
      Factor            runque 5 memory 1 disk 10 cpu 25 network 5
      GlobalCounter     378
      GroupLimit        200
      LinkMonitoring    1  <========
      LoadSampling      0
      LogSize           33554432

      csvcs1# more /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config/
      include ""

      cluster vcs (
             UserNames = { root = cD9YoocT4eFao, GCMmaster = "cDyuhM/Su33sk" }
             LinkMonitoring = 1

The possible symptoms are:

       - system will eventually run low on memory resources.

What to do if at risk:

The current workaround is to disable LinkMonitoring by following the steps outlined below.  A fix for this incident will be available in a future release of VCS.

            1- enable vcs configuration in read/write mode:
           #haconf -makerw

           2- disable the LinkMonitoring attribute:
           #haclus -disable LinkMonitoring

           3- update the configuration and put it back in read only mode:
           #haconf -dump -makero

Please contact VERITAS Customer Support at 1-800-342-0652 for any questions.

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