Veritas Storage Foundation Manager (SFM) 2.x Late Breaking News (LBN) (Updated January 22, 2010)

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Veritas Storage Foundation Manager (SFM) 2.x Late Breaking News (LBN) (Updated January 22, 2010)


This TechNote provides late breaking information regarding the Storage Foundation Manager 2.x releases. Symantec Corporation updates this TechNote as new information pertaining to Storage Foundation Manager 2.x becomes available. Symantec recommends that you frequently check this TechNote for updates.

On January 22, 2010 Symantec re-released SFM 2.1 Rollup Patch 1 (RP1). See Technote 340486 for more information on this release: 

Note: There was a minor issue with the original RP1 installer that prevented the installation from finishing if you were using high availability. This issue has been corrected with this updated release.

On December 2, 2009 Symantec released updated Add-ons for Unix Administration (2.1) and Volume Migration (2.1.1)

On August 22, 2009 Symantec released SFM 2.1 for Unix and Windows. SFM enables server operations teams to manage Storage Foundation and related operations across all platforms from a centralized management framework, in providing information about an environment, which focuses on the administration of server and storage infrastructure resources from the application perspective.

On June 26, 2009 Symantec released SFM 2.0 for Windows.

On March 31, 2009 Symantec released SFM 2.0 for Unix. SFM provides the infrastructure and a single console for administrators and operators to monitor, visualize, and manage their Storage Foundation products and generate reports about storage resources. SF Manager also provides prepackaged add-ons to handle complex processes like migrating volumes, managing DMPs, verifying connections, and implementing storage tiering.

To download SFM, please click on the link below for additional information:

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