Backup Exec 2010 and prior: Agent for Microsoft Virtual Server (AMVS) Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) restore selections appear as Volume GUID's when backing up virtual machines that contain GPT (GUID Partition Table) disks.

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Agent for Microsoft Virtual Server (AMVS) and Agent for VMWare Virtual Infrastructure (AVVI) Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) restore selections are listed as the Volume GUID's when backing up virtual machines that contain GPT (GUID Partition Table) disks.



After backing up a virtual machine using the HyperV Agent (AMVS) or AVVI,  the virtual machine's GRT restore selections are displayed as Volume GUIDS for GPT (GUID Partition Table) disks volumes and not by the Volume\Drive Letters. File and Folder selections may not be available for that volume even if the job completes successfully.



The Backup Exec (2010 and earlier versions) Agent for Microsoft Virtual Server does not support GPT (GUID Partition Table) virtual machine disks with Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 or Hyper-V. 

The same issue is observed while using the Vmware Agent for Virtual Infrastructure (BE-AVVI) for backups of GPT disks using any currently supported Backup Exec version. 



The virtual machines GRT restore selections for GPT disk volumes will show up as Volume GUID's as shown in (FIGURE 1).  Notice the GRT restore selection for the C: drive in (FIGURE 1) is displayed normally because the virtual machine's C: drive is NOT a GPT disk partition.

(FIGURE 1) Agent for Microsoft Virtual Server GRT restore selections

If it's required to restore individual files from a virtual machine's GPT disks backed up using AMVS or AVVI you will need to mount the virtual machines GPT (.vhd or .vmdk) disk files manually and retrieve the files.

The virtual disk file can be mounted using the Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 VHDmount utility. In the VMWare environment, use the VMWare Converter.

Redirect restore the virtual machine's GPT virtual disk to a folder for manual mounting.  

Mounting virtual hard disks at the command line

As GPT disks are not supported for GRT based backups in Backup Exec 2010 and earlier versions, it is recommended to backup the virtual machines with GPT disks using the Remote Agent for Windows. 

Note: Presently only Backup Exec 2012 SP2 supports GPT backups with GRT only for Agent for Hyper-V.


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