During a Client-Driven PST Migration, the Directory Service logs an Event ID 8567 error.

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During a Client-Driven PST Migration, the Directory Service logs an Event ID 8567 error.


Error logged:



This issue can surface if the PST chunk that exists in the PST Holding Folder gets out of synch with what the client machine thinks is supposed to exist in the PST Holding Folder.  This issue can be verified by confirming the following details:

Using the PST file that is recorded in the error, query the Enterprise Vault Directory db using the following query.

Use EnterpriseVaultDirectory
Select HoldingLocation, MigrateLocation
From PSTFile
Where Filespecification  = 'PST In Error'

This query will give you the chunk that is being migrated.


Using the results of this query, you can go to the PST Holding Folder and locate the PST chunk.


The chunk has the format of pstA_B.db where "A" is the PST file number and "B" is the chunk number. Applicable client registry keys will be shown in a sub key named after the PST file number.

From the workstation that has the PST that is being migrated go to the registry underneath HKCU\Software\KVS\Enterprise Vault\Client\SiteEntryID\PSTImport\<PST File Number> and locate the following.


From here you can see that we have a mismatch between the client and the database as recorded in the LastCopiedChunk.


Modify the LastCopiedChunk registry key on the client workstation to match that as recorded in the database.
Using this technote as an example, the 'LastCopiedChunk' value would be changed from '3' to '4'.

This issue has been addressed as part of the following release:

Enterprise Vault 8.0 SP4
With the Enterprise Vault 8.0 SP4 release it now automatically performs housekeeping on the workstation and the server when this situation arises. After the failure has been cleared, the recovery process depends on whether Outlook is restarted within the PST Import work check interval (default 60 minutes):
  • If Outlook is not restarted, then the PST file will be recopied automatically.
  • If Outlook is restarted, then the administrator needs to reset the status of the PST file to Ready to copy in the Enterprise Vault Administration Console.
Note that this migration restart can potentially cause duplicate items in the archive, as parts of the PST file may be migrated more than once.

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DescriptionPST client driven migrations fail with event 8567 - Chunk number does not match that on file. Reference 'HasPstChunkMigrated'

SourceEvent ID
DescriptionError occurred with client-driven migration of PST. Chunk number does not match that on file. Reference: 'HasPstChunkMigrated'

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