Backup Exec 12.5 for Windows Servers revision 2213 Service Pack 2 New Features

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Backup Exec 12.5 for Windows Servers revision 2213 Service Pack 2 New Features


Service Pack 2 contains new fixes/enhancements for the following issues:

  • In order to prevent users from running into issues related to the need to reboot the Media server, Backup Exec Services will now check for the need to reboot and an alert will be generated.  Note: the time it takes to generate this alert may cause a slight delay in starting services and the Backup Exec Services Manager may appear when starting the GUI the first time after installing the service pack. If this happens, it is recommended that you close the GUI and open it again.  If a required reboot has not been done, it is recommended to reboot if any unusual problems/errors occur when attempting operations in Backup Exec.
  • Resolved issue where installation failure of the Windows Instrumentation Management causes the entire Backup Exec Installation to roll back -
  • Resolved issue where Backup Exec Job Engine Service is not responding error when not rebooted after install
  • Uninstall of hotfixes no longer require source media if DLO is installed
  • Blocked ability for BEMIG utility to perform unsupported migrations which leave databases in an unreliable/unsupported state
  • Improved message when entering a Small Business Server license key on a non-SBS system

Agent for Microsoft Exchange
  • Improve Exchange Granular Restore Option backup completion time -
  • Updated the Readme to express information for Exchange Continuous protection can be found in the Backup Exec for Windows Servers Administrators Guide

Agent for Microsoft Virtual Systems
  • Added a note to the readme to point out "Vhdmounter" is needed for MS Hyper-V Granular Restore Technology on the media server -

Remote Administration Console
  • Remote Administration console now remembers previous servers it was connected too

Backup / Restore
  • In Backup Exec 11d, a new security feature was added to limit the risk of malicious attacks using the Backup or Restore selection list, this service pack increases the packet limit set in this security feature to lower the risk of getting the error message "The remote procedure call failed and did not execute" when creating large selection lists -
  • Improved messaging when browsing to or backing up a supported application that doesn't have a license key installed
  • Improved performance when backing up the Windows System Partition of a Windows Server 2008, 2003 or Windows Vista Operating System -

Logon Accounts
  • Improved message for password prompt when editing restricted logon account owned by other user
  • Improve updating of Service Account and System Logon Account
  • Improved messaging when the account used for the Backup Exec Services does not have appropriate rights
  • Improved message to prompt for restricted logon account credentials
  • Display in the job log what account was used to attach to a given resource
  • Improved message returned when browsing account does not have appropriate


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