Utility job complete's with exceptions and a warning message 'Library security has been compromised'

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A Utility job complete's with exceptions and the following alert is observed in the Alerts tab of Backup Exec console:


Following Event ID will be generated in the Windows Event Viewer:

Event Type          : Warning
Event Source      : Backup Exec
Event Category   : None
Event ID               : 65313

Backup Exec Alert: Tape Alert Warning (Server: "Server") (Job: "Import Library 00001") Warning - Library security has been compromised. 
Robotic Library for Device: DELL 1



Warning : Library security has been compromised


This Tape Alerts come from the actual tape device, letting the software and operating system know of potential problems with the device. The actual text of the error message can vary depending on the source: tape drive or loader arm. Either way, the issue will generally stem from the following:
  • Secure mode of the library
  • Failing hardware
  • Possible incorrect drivers or firmware.

To resolve this, perform the following for each:

1. Secure Mode of the Library:

Contact the manufacturer for information on how to turn this setting on and off.

2. Failing Hardware:

Contact the manufacturer to run tests on the hardware. Running NTBackup or the Windows Backup utility will also provide a good idea if this stems from hardware. (NTBackup sometimes cannot be used with certain robotic libraries)

3. Possible Incorrect or Outdated Firmware:

The latest firmware can be obtained from the manufacturer's site.

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Library security has been compromised.

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