How does Backup Exec determine what tape to pull from the library?

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How does Backup Exec determine what tape to pull from the library?


Backup Exec's only determination of what media is pulled is wether it is overwritable, appendable or scratch media. Once Backup Exec determines what type of media is needed, it queries the library who determines the media to pull.

Factors that determine the type of media pulled:
  • Overwrite Protection Period
  • Appendable Period
  • Media set the job is associated with
  • Media set the tape is associated with

Factors that determine the media pulled:
  • Partitions
  • Library configurations (Symantec recommends setting the library to Random)
- Random indicates the library will not automatically load and unload tapes. Instead, it will wait for commands from the backup software or the OCP to load and unload tapes.
- Sequential indicates that the library will automatically unload the tape in the drive when it is full, and that it will automatically load the tape from next highest sequentially numbered full slot.
- Automatic indicates that the unit will switch from Sequential to Random mode if the library receives certain commands.

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