Error 2343: Specified path is empty during installation - Directory table

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Windows Installer Error 2343: Specified path is empty during installation.


Development operating system: WINXP
Target operating system: MULTIPLE


Directory that does not resolve to TARGETDIR.


All Directories that exist in the Directory table must have a Directory Parent that eventually resolves to TARGETDIR.

Each row in the Directory table has a Directory Parent.  if you concatanate each row for children and parent, you will get the path to the directory.


Directory                                      Directory Parent
ProgramMenuFolder                    StartMenuFolder
StartMenuFolder                          ProfilesFolder
ProfilesFolder                              WindowsFolder
WindowsFolder                           TARGETDIR

If you put these rows together you will get the path:

<Drive>:\Windows\Profiles\Start Menu\Program Files

NOTE:  TARGETDIR resolves to the drive letter for the installation (example C:\).  There will never be a Directory parent for TARGETDIR in the Directory table.  The Full Directory column was included in the Directory table to show the full path to a particular directory.  TARGETDIR could be different drives for different machines, so this column is not populated.  This is expected and by design.

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