How to move File System Archiving (FSA) to a new server with the same name

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How to move File System Archiving (FSA) to a new server with the same name


The following steps detail how to replace an existing FSA server with a new sever with the same name as the server that is being replaced:

  1. Backup the server that is being replaced via backup software that can backup "Offline" files (Placeholders). Not all Backup software can properly backup Placeholders, so the use of the FSAUtility to recreate Placeholders may be necessary. This process is begins at step 8
  2. Stop the FSA task on the Enterprise Vault (EV) Server.
  3. Replace the faulty server.
  4. Ensure the new server has the same name, IP address, Drive letters as the original server.
  5. Restore files to the new server (Folder structure should be re-created during the restore of the backup).
  6. Install the FSA agent on the new server.
  7. Restart the FSA task on the EV Server.
  8. If the backup software was not able to backup Offline Files then the main data on the File Server will need to be moved and then the Placeholders recreated. To do this continue to step 9 or refer to related Technote at bottom of this page under 'Related Documents".
  9. Open a command prompt and change directory to the EV install path. This is by default, c:\program files\Enterprise Vault
  10. Run the following command to recreate Placeholders:

                             FSAUtility -c -s \\unc_path_name\folder_name

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