How can customers upload evidence to Symantec? What security is in place for each method?

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How can customers upload evidence to Symantec? What security is in place for each method?


Currently, there are several methods available for customers to upload evidence. Each is detailed below, together with a section on any built-in security
Servers are located at the following sites:
California, USA for large time critical files over 2GB based in EMEA region

APJ region and others
Login and authentication for ftp login is now required.  An example followes:
# ftp
User Name ( symsupport
Password: **********
ftp> bin
ftp> cd /incoming
ftp> put <VRTScexplorer file>

If you don't have the latest login information, please request it from your Technical Support Engineer (TSE).  The login varies (passwords required) depending upon which server you're trying to use.  There is currently no encryption in place for FTP methods of transmission however SFTP is available. See TECH66995 for latest ftp & sftp upload passwords and other file upload options.

Also note that the FTP may be set up as a "blind" FTP directory: You will not be able to list the contents or see uploaded files, but you can still send (put) files in the incoming ftp directory. 

Symantec MySymantec (formerly MySupport)
MySymantec has a web-based facility to upload evidence. Customers are instructed to upgrade their browsers to one of the following listed below:
· Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0SP1 or later
· Netscape 7.0 (Windows) or later
The MySymantec web site makes use of encryption using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections
For further information on SSL, please refer to the URL below:

For further information on MySymantec, please refer to:

Webex is a secure, web-based remote support tool used to troubleshoot/diagnose issues.  During this process, the Support Representative will be able see the customer's display and configuration.  The customer will have control over the system in question unless the customer elects to pass control to the Support Representative.  The tool also has a chat feature and allows for File Transfers if the customer permits.
For further information on Webex's security method, please refer to the following link and the section on "Transportation Layer Security":
Symantec FileShare - Secure Document Exchange is a web application designed to securely exchange files with customers. It is a good alternative in situations where customers cannot FTP the files or e-mail them as attachments (usually due to security policies of the customer).

Please refer to the earlier MySymantec section as SSL is also used, and also requires use of appropriate browsers. FileShare also provides additional authentication for those customers with particularly sensitive data. For further information, customers should discuss with their Technical Support representative.


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