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The Late Breaking News Bulletin has been created in order to provide customers updates on Documentation and Known Issues discovered post release.  These documents attempt to highlight the most 'common' known issues and concerns reported by customers.  The available Late Breaking News items are below:



PureDisk 6.6 Installation Notes:
The PureDisk 6.6 installation procedure uses the new PDOS installation wizard and the new storage pool configuration wizard. If you have experience with previous releases, be aware that the new installation procedure is quite different from the installation procedure in previous releases. Enhancements include the following:
  • Automated installation and configuration of Veritas Cluster Server software. If you decide to implement high availability, the new installation procedure installs and configures VCS with minimum input from you.
  • Automated disk detection and configuration. You do not need to configure disks and partitions in YaST.
  • Automated configuration procedures for authentication, network specifications, and other storage pool installation tasks.
PureDisk supports the following limits on data selections and backups:
  • You can include up to 16 million versions of files in one data selection. Symantec recommends that you include no more than 8 million files in one data selection.
  • PureDisk imposes a hard limit of 10 million files per backup job. In addition, PureDisk issues an event to the storage pool authority when it detects 5 million files in a backup job.


Customers are encouraged to run the latest package of PureDisk:

PureDisk 6.6.5: TECH205534
PureDisk 6.6.4: TECH195239
PureDisk 6.6.3a: TECH172079
PureDisk 6.6.1 : TECH137146
PureDisk (requires 6.6.1): TECH146067
PureDisk  TECH124315



Known Issues:


The following known issues exist in PureDisk 6.6.3a:
(Multiple Etracks)
  NB_PDE_6.6.3_ET2657689_6 is an Emergency Engineering Binary (EEB) bundle for PureDisk 6.6.3.

The following known issues exist in PureDisk 6.6.1.x:
(Multiple Etracks)  NB_PDE_6.6.1.2_EEB20-rollup2 is a cumulative Hotfix bundle for PureDisk
 http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH162680 includes fixes for the issues below and additional fix content. All customers are encouraged to apply as part of normal maintenance.

(ET2273601) TECHALERT: A potential for data loss exists when using NetBackup 6.5.x PDDO with PureDisk or PureDisk This issue specficially affects Optimized Duplication.


The following known issues exist in PureDisk 6.6.0.x:

(Multiple Etracks)  NB_PDE_6.6.0.3_EEB31-rollup01 is a cumulative Hotfix bundle for PureDisk

(ET1856350) BUG REPORT: PureDisk 6.6 installation freezes when in the disk setup window on systems with a /dev/cciss device. 

(ET1857651) BUG REPORT: NetBackup exits with status 84 when performing VMWare VCB backups to a PDDO storage unit.

(ET2017260) A very rare potential for data loss has been discovered on Non-Windows hosts running NetBackup PureDisk Remote Office (PDRO) 6.0 - or with NetBackup Media Servers using Deduplication (such as PDDO, PDDE, MSDP). This also affects Non-Windows media servers running NetBackup 7.0 Server/Enterprise server with the deduplication option / engine.

GENERAL ERROR: After upgrading the PDDO client on NetBackup media servers from version 6.5 to 6.6, storagepool capacity usage increases dramatically following post-upgrade PDDO backups.

(ET1821879) After the PureDisk 6.6 upgrade, a previously enabled script that is set to run after success or success with error may be disabled. After the upgrade, you need to review the advanced parameters of any policy with scripts enabled to run after a policy completes.

(ET1839125) Restore of Windows Shadow Copy Components fails if User Data is selected. Select only the System State folder or the System Services folders and the data objects in those folders for a restore.

(ET1852816 and 1847557) The Services Configuration screen on the storage pool configuration wizard fails to show one or both of the following services: the storage pool authority service and the metabase server service. That is because these components are internally assigned to a passive node. The current workaround is to log out of the wizard and manually edit the /opt/pdinstall/topology_nodes.ini file. Delete the storage pool authority service and metabase server service from any passive node section in that file. Then log back into the wizard.
(not fixed)

Issues Addressed with PureDisk

(NEW ET1886171) BUG REPORT: PDDO Duplications with PureDisk 6.6 fail with Status 84 "sts_copy_extent failed: error 2060014 operation aborted".

(NEW ET1959310) BUG REPORT: PureDisk Agent backups fail, causing the C:\ drive to fill up on the PureDisk Agent with a large polist.po, causing the application to crash

(ET1901224) A potential for data loss has been found in PureDisk 6.6 and "Deleted entries" in the PureDisk Metabase may cause files to be deleted prematurely. PureDisk Deduplication Option (PDDO) is not affected.  

(ET1884812)  A potential for data loss has been found in PureDisk environments with specific filter settings for Data Removal. It is possible that data for identical files could expire prematurely in rare instances.  http://support.veritas.com/docs/337448

(ET1832593) In a PureDisk environment with multiple metabase engines, disaster recover backups may fail when encryption is enabled. The backup fails when the metabase engine IDs do not match the order of the server agent IDs.

(ET1839973)Replication of large data selections to a remote storage pool gradually slow in proportion to the size of the target data selection (number of file versions). The resulting replication takes longer to execute than a comparable replication under PureDisk 6.5.x.

(ET1842297 and 1839387): Logical Volume Managers (LVMs) that use iSCSI do not survive a reboot. The iSCSI devices are not mounted after reboot, and all PureDisk services fail to start. You must manually restart these until a fix is available from Symantec.

(ET1849891 and 1852993): Optimized duplication of an optimized synthetic backups fail.

(ET1853294) Back up speed for a PDDO backup that exceed 50 GB in size may degrade significantly. A PureDisk internal cache that is not properly refreshed causes this problem. This results in an elevated cache miss rate for all but the first backup fragment.

(ET1855576) After upgrading to the PureDisk 6.6 client (or the PDDO agent) on a Windows platform, a Windows Stop Error (0x0000007b) occurs after the first reboot.


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