Attempting to add a SharePoint Farm in backup selections or the Servers list gives an Access Denied error or Backup Exec cannot confirm the Share Point Topology

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Attempting to add a SharePoint Farm in backup selections gives an "Access Denied error or Backup Exec cannot confirm the Share Point Topology".


Access Denied.


An error was encountered while attempting to browse the contents of Server Farm.
Although the specified server is a SharePoint resource,Backup Exec cannot confirm the topology.
Review your sharepoint credentials and ensure services are running on the Web servers. 

FIG. 1


This issue is applicable to all supported versions of Sharepoint.


When attempting to add a Microsoft Sharepoint Farm to backup selections under the 'Microsoft Share Point Server Farms' option by adding the web server name, an Access Denied error is returned after about 30 seconds. This may occur because one of the Remote Agent processes that Backup Exec relies on to connect to SPS or WSS, SPSWrapper.exe, does not start. In order to determine whether this issue is being encountered, the SharePoint server Backup Exec Remote Agent debug must be reviewed. See Related Documents for information on creating debug logs for the Backup Exec SharePoint Agent. The excerpt below from the Remote Agent (beremote.exe) debug shows initiating the SPSWrapper process with the 'process ready?' entry. In the case where the SPSWrapper process does not start, 30 seconds later the debug log shows 'process not ready!': 
[4276] 11/28/07 16:47:15 process ready?
[4276] 11/28/07 16:47:45 process NOT ready! 

The SPSWrapper (or SPSWrapperV3, SPSWrapperV4, or SPSWrapperV5) process is allowed 30 seconds to start up by the Remote Agent. If this time elapses before the SPSWrapper process starts and responds to the Remote Agent, the Remote Agent debug will show 'process NOT ready!', and the Access Denied error will be received. This condition can be caused by the fact that the SPSWrapper managed applications are digitally signed, and something in the environment is preventing the signature from being verified.


1) This issue normally occurs because of a network block or restriction on connecting with the Certification Revocation List(CRL) server to verify the certification for the SPSWrapper process has not been revoked.  The first way to resolve this issue is to remove any restriction in place preventing the internet connection to a CRL Authority server like

2) In some cases, no communication is possible with the internet because of firewall rules or proxy.  In those situations, the CRL authentication process can be turned off.  It is important to note that the setting used to disable this connection is global on the Sharepoint Web server so that no digitally signed processes will be authenticated for the specified logon.

 A) Log on to the Sharepoint Web server as the account that Backup Exec will be using to back up the Sharepoint resources.
 B) Open Internet Explorer and go to 'Tools' and then 'Internet Options'.
 C) Click the 'Advanced' tab then scroll down the settings list to the 'Security' section.
 D) Uncheck the setting 'Check for publisher's certificate revocation' per FIG. 2 below.
 E) Click 'OK' then Internet Explorer may be closed.

FIG. 2

 F) On the Backup Exec media server, the Sharepoint farm should now be possible to add in backup selections.

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