Windows Installer error 2602

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Windows Installer error 2602: "The [2] table entry '[3]' has no associated entry in the Media table."


Any Windows Installer Version
Any Windows Operating System


  1. In most cases, a customer is manually changing the extension of a file to .MSI or selecting .MSI from the Save Types As drop down menu. They need to compile a .WSI to properly create an  .MSI.
  2. No Entry exists in the Media table of  the . MSI.
  3. Another possible cause is marking the checkbox "Don't update or recompress files when saving (.MSI only)" on the Product Details page of Installation Expert and then manually adding values to the Sequence column of the File table. when editing an .MST that contains new files.


  1. Compile the .WSI into an .MSI rather than saving to a .MSI.
  2. Rename the .MSI and recompile the .WSI to see if an entry is placed into the . MSI.  Then the package will run without error.
  3. Unmark the checkbox so it will update the files files and recompress files in the .MST. Then remove the files from the .MST file and readd them. The sequence numbers should get assigned correctly.

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