The NetBackup Enterprise Vault Agent support for Enterprise Vault configured in a Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) or Veritas Cluster Services (VCS) environment.

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The NetBackup Enterprise Vault Agent support for Enterprise Vault configured in a Microsoft MSCS or Veritas Cluster Services (VCS) environment.


The NetBackup 6.5.4/5/6 Enterprise Vault Agent is not supported when protecting Enterprise Vault 7.5 or 8 configured in a Veritas Cluster Services (VCS) environment.
This environment can be protected using legacy methods to backup the Enterprise Vault environment.
The NetBackup 6.5.4/5/6 Enterprise Vault Agent is supported when protecting Enterprise Vault 7.5 or later configured in a Microsoft MSCS Cluster. 

The NetBackup 7.0 or later Enterprise Vault agents support Enterprise Vault installed in both MSCS and VCS clustered environments with the following exception: Enterprise Vault 7.5 is not supported in a VCS cluster environment. 
At this time, the NetBackup Enterprise Vault Agent does not support more than 1 Enterprise Vault Site hosted within the same Cluster. This applies to Enterprise Vault Servers and Enterprise Vault Repository MS SQL Servers representing an Enterprise Vault Site.
If the cluster is made up of more than 2 cluster nodes, 1 cluster node must actively host all the servers in the Enterprise Vault Site and this node must  be the NetBackup Policy client.
All Enterprise Vault servers within the same cluster that are hosting an Index Location must be active on the same cluster node.
A Virtual Enterprise Vault SQL Server must be hosted by a node separate from the node hosting the Enterprise Vault resources.




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