VBR/NOM Upgrade Portal to OpsCenter 7.0

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VBR/NOM Upgrade Portal to OpsCenter 7.0



The OpsCenter 7.0 NOM/VBR Upgrade Portal contains important information regarding upgrading to OpsCenter 7.0.  The key points contained below offer guidance and suggestions to help guide customers to a successful upgrade experience.  The information below is continuously reviewed and will be updated with additional details as and when they become available.

OpsCenter Documentation Updates:

Extensive updates and planning documentation have been added to the NetBackup Additional Operational Notes:

OpsCenter Known Upgrade Issues:

ET1952223) A critical issue has been discovered when upgrading Veritas Backup Reporter (VBR) to OpsCenter Analytics. If VBR is uninstalled after upgrading to OpsCenter 7.0, OpsCenter services will not start. Additionally, user credentials must be recreated for VxAT user accounts.

(ET1988980) After a user logs off of an OpsCenter server, some of the OpsCenter services stop.
How to check the status of data migration when upgrading from VBR to OpsCenter Analytics 7.0

BUG REPORT: Tape Drive Throughput and Tape Drive Utilization reports show 0% since upgrading from VBR 6.6.2 to OpsCenter.
DOCUMENTATION: After upgrading from Backup Reporter (VBR) to OpsCenter Analytics, "Breakup Job" functionality is no longer available. If breakUpJobs has been enabled in VBR 6.x and the granularity provided is relied upon in generated reports, an upgrade to OpsCenter Analytics 7.0 is not recommended at this time.
If VBR is uninstalled after upgrading to OpsCenter 7.0, OpsCenter will not be functional due to the removal of VxAT (Symantec Product Authentication service). This document explains how to re-install AT and login to OpsCenter if this occurs.

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