Issues addressed in this release notes for Symantec Backup Exec (tm) 2010

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Issues addressed in this release notes for Symantec Backup Exec (tm) 2010


Please Note: All Hotfixes released for Backup Exec 12.x are included in Backup Exec 2010, in addition to the following:
Core Product
Incident # Description
1520036 AD: GRT duplicate backups to tape take a long time on a W2K8 media server
1273251 Authentication failed on connection to the server, if servers are selected using FQDN and there are GLOBAL exclusions configured
1445937 Backup fails when attempting to use a remote B2D (Backup-to-disk) location with "Allocate the Max Size" enabled
1106905 Backup job fails with verify error when on-tape-catalog (OTC) spans to 2nd tape.
1797136 BE GUI Backup Exec Console crash
1797315 BE Synthetic Byte count higher than expected
1810739 BE SYN catalog index database ODBC Error during BEWS Service startup
1515192 BEMCMD Command: DO_NDMP_RESTORE_CONTROLISTS (12) and DO_NDMP_NETAPP_RESTORE_CONTROLISTS (12.5) are wrong in the manual.
1503264 BEMCMD Duplicate GRT jobs fail with Invalid Physical Volume Library Media Identifier
1519506 BEMCMD -o23 -s3 cannot display COMPLETED WITH EXCEPTION jobs
1468619 BEMCMD: Add support to disable Pre/Post Commands from the BEWS UI and BEMCMD
1453595 BEMCMD: Buffer Overflow Error: bemcmd - o202 i -ds -v -w
1512768 BEMCMD: Command DO_SMS_RESTOREVOL_RESTRICT to specify the global options is ignored.
1515123 BEMCMD: Command DO_UNIXMAC_SOFTLINK to specify the global options is ignored.
1504923 BEMCMD: Need command line/script method to add Global Excludes to multiple (800+) servers
1530840 BEMCMD: -o100 and -o103 do not delete job entry in Job Setup view after completion
1587053 BEMCMD: o79 does not work for B2D.
1531182 BEMCMD: Operation -o107 to "Set wizards as run" will be ignored.
1438747 BEMCMD: Parameter -ps will be ignored for "Scratch Media Availability" report
1531177 BEMCMD: Perform consistency check options missing for ADRA agent.
1630277 Bengine (Backup Exec Job Engine Service) intermittently crashes
1486811 Beserver.exe (Backup Exec Server Service) is crashing weekly due to LU (LiveUpdate) scheduled run
1850929 BEWS When launching Backup Exec GUI hangs for extended period of time until SEPM Symantec Embedded database service is stopped.
1413388 Full backup of Protected Resource using modfied time causes RAWS to crash on the CPS server if data for more than 1 CPA is checked.
1478341 BLKD: GRT: Duplicate job of GRT data from tape to Backup to Disk does not overwrite.
1764285 Cannot open job log. Load XML failed. Reason: E. Error on line 209, position 3 in "(null)". JOBHISTORYTRANSLATION.XSL
1831087 CORE: BE polls even when no job is configured for Threatcon
1712138 Core: Restore of folder(s) with selections populated using Search Catalogs complete successfully but no data is restored.
1877747 CORE: Unable to push install RAWS to remote servers and error reported is 1073740791: Failed to create process as user
1727560 CORE:If a Copy job is deleted then the duplicate backup job associated to the original job gets deleted too.
1423356 CPS Journal Driver causing System crash on Windows 2008 servers
1077634 Custom Report showing duplicate entries in 7170; same report works fine in 6235.
1703961 Export job fails to select the correct template when a policy contains multiple export templates.
1446015 GUI: Wizard does not save some settings
1701179 IDR: Readme has incorrect information in regards to a manual remote IDR (Intelligent Disaster Recovery)
1426023 IDR: The IDR (Intelligent Disaster Recovery) screen keeps appearing at startup after a successful restore process using IDR
1510617 IDR: There was an error in creating some partitions on the hard disk. Error code is 0x000490
1146308 IDR: Backup Exec services fail to start after an IDR recovery is done to a server that has been upgraded to version 11d
1464024 INSTALL: After install Symantec VSS provider from BEVSSProvider.msi BEWS debug path is changed.
1520048 Manual DR (Disaster Recovery) of a Windows 2008 DC fails when the domain function level is Windows 2000 native or Windows 2003
1467703 MSCS cluster quorum is not restored for clrest.exe
1020460 Post-command is EXECUTED AFTER job verification completes.
1282921 RPT: Custom report filter operator $ Contains does not work with partial data
1470504 RPT: Custom report with the 'Backup Set Date' filter fails with 'Unable to run report. No further information available'
1399948 RPT: Custom reports containing the 'Backup Set Description' field do not populate that field
1810748 Catalog changes
1409219 SetCopy e00084ee: An Invalid Command was sent to the storage device err Spanning Tapes in a Duplicate Job-HW Encryption.
1828989 SMT - smaller byte counts reported on all jobs after adding more disk storage.
1748184 SQL 2005 does not show under virtual name when clustered with SQL 2000 in VCS.
1592081 Synthetic job that resides in a Policy crashes the Bengine.exe.
1469052 The BE 12.5 RAWS Push install popup in German language is worded incorrectly.
1877755 The push install of the Remote Agent for Windows Servers (RAWS) always indicates "There are XX updates which will be applied"
1537971 UI: UI (User Interface) Crash occuring in DataGridView
1802270 Upgrade jobs that have password protection on media retain this password - Catalog fails with: 0xe0000600.
1082201 VSS: Backup of Shadow Copy Components and volume with AOFO disabled leaves VSS snapshot behind
1520038 W2K8 operating system will fail to start up after the manual DR (Disaster Recovery) when the system disk was replaced
AMVS (Agent for Microsoft Virtual Server)
Incident # Description
1436562 The Agent for Microsoft Virtual Servers does not activate a RALUS Site License as the AVVI Option does
1741085 AMVS Hyper-V Core AMVS Failed to mount one or more virtual disk images
1444405 MSVS - Virtual Machine GRT restore selections showing up as Volume GUIDS and not by Virtual Machine Guest Name
1703953 MSVS: GRT: File Redirection path is incorrectly altered if restoring files from a tape
1763167 AMVS GRT Disk Backup/Restores fail with Could not find components to mount a VHD file when VHDmount installed on alternate drive
AVVI (Agent for VMWare)
Incident # Description
1603810 BLKD: AVVI Backup completes "Failed to mount" When VM serves are made from Physical machines with utility partition.
1783764 AVVI: One or more virtual disks contain volumes that do not support Granular Recovery Technology (GRT)
1726328 Enumerate VirtualCenter Server Error "Cannot read the Virtual Machines and Templates view on VirtualCenter Server."
1476651 BLKD: UI: AVVI redirect restore does not attach a NIC to the guest
1838880 UI: AVVI redirect restore fails when selecting "None"
CPS (Continuous Protection Server)
Incident # Description
1531985 CPS: Backup Destination shows files with anomalous creation dates even when jobs are completing with no errors in the Sync phase.
DLO (Desktop and Laptop Option)
Incident # Description
1427529 DLO : "IP Address Range, ARE" connection policy not working.
1890545 DLO: Client points to original server after being upgraded on new server via the auto upgrade "DLOCommandu -Update" command.
1518234 DLO: MDAC_TYP.EXE is not included in a file of Desktop Agent.
EV (Enterprise Vault) Agent
Incident # Description
1478568 Unable to Select Enterprise Vault resource and getting error :error Loading of XML failed with reason =
1502830 EV Agent: Preserve existing junction points option does not take effect on EV agent
1502837 EV Agent: Incorrect junction point gets restored when a vault store partition is located on a mount point
Exchange Agent
Incident # Description
1533143 Beremote crashes when backing up Exchange 2007 Storage Group
1522292 BLKD: EXCH: ESE timeout errors while backing up Exchange 2007 using the GRT option in BE 12.5
866986 E2K7: Automatic recreation of user's mailbox account fails on Exchange 2007
1588882 EXCH :GRT restore stop processing at certain items with "No MIME for STREAM" notifications in beremote debug log
1176909 Exch 2007 and 2003 backups to TAPE hang at updating catalogs.
1534688 Exch 2007 GRT: Backup completes with exceptions: CDO MAPI not installed
1527851 EXCH GRT: -543 The required log files for recovery are missing.
1744272 Exch GRT: Offhost: GRT restore selections only show up for the first Storage Group selected for backup.
1384534 EXCH: After restarting RepBrokerService, it creates reclaimed IMG folders and fills the folders with exchange log files
1783636 EXCH: Exchange Recovery Point jobs complete successfully but no logs are backed up and logs get deleted from Exchange server.
1529154 EXCH: Monad.exe crashes when enumerating IS selections in an E2k7/12.5 environment
1534604 EXCH: The Exchange Incremental GRT backups take a long time to complete
1750759 EXCH: The Verify operation of a Non-VSS based DISK backup reports larger byte count than the backup operation
1732235 EXCH:Certain emails including BE Notification Emails do not get restored at all during GRT MBX restore .
1602943 Exch03: After an RSG, inc backups fail with: "The Backup Exec Agent for Microsoft Exchange was not used to create the last full"
1291165 GRT EXCH 03: The directory or file was not found, or could not be accessed. Error -1014 The database is out of page buffers.
1878010 GRT Exch restore: 0xe000fe2d - The backup of the item is bad (MapiItem::SaveProps, SaveChanges() returned 80070057)
1678435 GRT: Exch 2003 restore: 0xe000fe2d - The backup of the item is bad Error writing file data.
1458728 If a backup job is cancelled in the last 300k of the backup, the backup will still flush the Exchange logs.
1447240 Tape based GRT backups of Exchange 2007 only shows 32 mailboxes
Hardware Related
Incident # Description
1418523 Bar Codes longer than 15 characters get truncated
1487017 Backups failing with "0xe00084f4 - An unknown error has occurred" though SCSI trace is not reporting I/O errors
NDMP Option
Incident # Description
1507396 NDMP: Any exclusion in the selection list causes an incomplete backup of remaining data
1596749 NDMP: BENGINE.EXE crashes when backing up files with name longer than 127 characters.
1600805 NDMP: BENGINE.EXE crashes when running backups of large amounts of data
1764284 NDMP Linked or Policy based Setcopy/Duplicate jobs fail with 0xe000fe29 Authentication failed on connection to the server.
1676448 NDMP: Restore selection resource lists NDMP Incremental backup sets as Full backup sets
1764497 NDMP: Redirected Restores of a complete volume do not restore the data but the job is successful
1478189 NDMP: Unable to redirect the restore of a LUN on a NetApp Filer
Oracle Agent
Incident # Description
1402793 Oracle RAC or later is no longer supporting srvctl option
1447516 Backup of an Oracle database fails with an error "Unknown CORBA exception." when Backup Exec is installed on Windows 2008 x64.
1453900 Beremote consume large amount of memory and does not release memory after RMAN backup.
1479802 Duplicate entries found in the oratab file when first 8 chars of Oracle SID match
1368065 Application error is caused by bengine.exe when restoring Oracle tablespace.
1400879 Unable to restore Oracle to a Point in Time with an SCN larger than 4294967296
1848541 Oracle restore selection or customer reports do not show media used.
RAMS (Remote Agent for McIntosh Servers)
Incident # Description
1594037 RAMS backing up Xsan configure as Metadata Controller will fail with access denied when backup the volumes on the Xsan.
1798576 Cannot restore data from folders that are beyond 179 characters in directory path.
1586595 Rams: Unable to restore files backup from Macintosh that has a nested asterisk.
RALUS (Remote Agent for Linux and Unix Servers) Agent
Incident # Description
1630486 RALUS: Backup job is over 10 times slower when backing up data from a Multi_Terabyte volume on Solaris
1828652 RALUS: Agent Crashes with segmentation fault when attempting to expand root selections
1527733 RALUS: RALUS crashes on startup on SLES/OES when LDAP is enabled.
1654927 RALUS: Unable to restore to remote mount points (0xe0008488 - Access is denied).
RANW (Remote Agent for NetWare)
Incident # Description
1538643 RANW: Restore selections for duplicate NetWare backups are 'corrupt'.
1668394 Testing volume credentials doesn't work for NetWare servers
Remote Media Agent for Linux (RMAL)
Incident # Description
1764287 RMAL: Restore of files in a large directory fail. Turning Fast File Restore off resolves issue
SharePoint Agent
Incident # Description
1540549 Account Information of MOSS2007 site collection is not restored in Japanese environment
1533140 SPS: Unable to browse SPS Topology when a WebApplication is missing
1872411 MOSS: Duplicate jobs of SharePoint 2007 fail if AOFO is enabled (0xe000fe2d - The backup of the item is bad).
1451260 SPS3: Empty directories within document libraries are not restored during a GRT restore.
1747093 SPSV3: DR restore of content and other DBs fails with 'Connection to the restore target has been lost'
1478564 SPSV3: Redirecting content DB attempts to overwrite original if any redirect info is wrong or if target unavailable.
1839434 SPSV3: Restoring Web App crashes bengine
SQL Agent
Incident # Description
1522295 Backups fail after restoring SQL database with full text indexing
1701860 Guide Me for SQL Server restore; restores the database to the wrong location
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