ClusterX for MSCS v.3.01 Service Pack 1 release notes.

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ClusterX for MSCS v.3.01 Service Pack 1 release notes.


VERITAS has released ClusterX for MSCS Service Pack 1.

The following issues were addressed and corrected in Service Pack 1:

  • Files sent to print spoolers created with the "Cluster Printer Creation" utility do not reliably print.
  • Clustered nodes with non-clustered printers are reported incorrectly in the "Cluster Consistency Report."
  • Clusters containing more than two non-clustered printers incorrectly indicate that no data can be obtained for the given cluster in the "Cluster Consistency Report."
  • The "Cluster Consistency Report" incorrectly reports hidden file shares or shares associated with clustered printers as errors.
  • The Microsoft "Cluster Print Spooler" setup wizard incorrectly displays the new spool directory in its summary information (HTML).
  • The Restore process does not create a log file as expected.
  • Restore does not correctly restore group "Failback between" values; these values are incorrectly returned to the default values.
  • Restore does not correctly restore Generic Service and Generic Application resources.
  • File shares created by the Create Child Shares and Create Hidden Child Shares resource commands do not go online on Windows 2000 Clusters.

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