Error: "pkgadd: ERROR: checkinstall script did not complete successfully" during the installation of Norton AntiVirus for Gateways

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While installing a Symantec Gateways product for Unix like Norton AntiVirus for Gateways (NAVGW) 2.5 under Solaris, you see the error message "pkgadd: ERROR: checkinstall script did not complete successfully," followed by a message indicating that package installation failed and that no changes were made to the system.


NAVGW is distributed as a Solaris package. The install script uses the Solaris pkgadd utility to install this package. pkgadd runs several scripts definied by the package during the install process; if execution of those scripts fail then the package installation fails. If pkgadd is running as a non-priveleged user, it may not be able to access those scripts, causing installation to fail.


These errors occur when the pkgadd utility cannot access the checkinstall script due to insufficient permissions. To solve the problem, create a root-equivalent (uid 0) user with the username install. This user can have a locked password and no shell and exist only so that pkgadd can assume its identity during the installation. Since the account will have root-equivalent rights, it can access the checkinstall script.

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