Updating Symantec groupware antivirus products without using LiveUpdate

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The antivirus software for your groupware or gateway server cannot update definitions using LiveUpdate. This document discusses how to schedule the update process through a batch file.


The solution below is only for Windows operating systems.

Download the GwGetter.bat and GwScript.txt files and save both files into the same directory.

Launching GwGetter.bat will connect to a Symantec FTP server and download the Intelligent Updater (Symcdefsi32.exe). The script runs the Intelligent Updater and deletes the file after the update is complete. You can create a scheduled task to regularly run GwGetter.bat.

The script will copy the Intelligent Updater to the folder C:\Temp. If C:\Temp does not exist, either create that directory or use edit GwGetter.bat and GwScript.txt, and change each instance of C:\Temp to refer to your preferred location.

Note: Symantec does not recommend using GwGetter.bat and GwScript.txt if Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition 8 or Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition 7.x is installed on the groupware/gateway server. If you would like to use a script to update these products, read the appropriate document below:

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