How to fix Lotus Notes databases that may be corrupted on a Lotus Domino server

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When Norton AntiVirus for Lotus Notes 2.0 or Symantec AntiVirus/Filtering 3.0 for Domino on Windows NT/2000 is enabled, the Lotus Domino server may exhibit one or more of the following symptoms:
- Server stops functioning
- Email is not delivered
- Viruses are not detected
- Email is not scanned
- Server will not start

Other troubleshooting steps did not result in a resolution. You want to know what to do.


A corrupted Notes database can cause the symptoms described when scanned by NAV Notes or Symantec AV/F for Domino. The following steps are provided to fix a corrupted Notes database. If you need additional help with your Lotus Notes database, contact your Notes Administrator.

To repair a corrupted Notes database:
  1. Stop the server.
  2. Open a command line.
  3. Browse to the directory containing the Domino binaries. The default locations are:

    Windows NT/2000
    The default directory is: C:\Lotus\Domino

    Unix and Unix-like operating systems:
    The default directory is: /opt/lotus/bin
  4. Run the following command on each suspected database:

    Windows NT/2000
    ncompact -b
    nupdall -r

    Unix and Unix-like operating systems:
    compact -b
    updall -r

    NOTE: On Unix and Unix-like operating systems, you may need to include a period and a forward-slash before each command. For example: ./ncompact -b
  5. Start the server and attempt a full scan. If the scan completes with no errors or problems on the Lotus Domino Server, stop here.
  6. If the scan fails or the Lotus Domino Server does not appear to be working correctly, stop the server.
  7. Rename the database and all mail boxes (,, and so on).
  8. Start the server and run a full system scan.
  9. If the issues are still not resolved, as a process of elimination use the DB Fixup utility against every database.

    NOTE: The DB Fixup utility is only available to Lotus Notes Administrators.

If problems persist after performing the preceding procedure, contact Symantec Technical Support.

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