Release Notes for Symantec AntiVirus/Filtering 3.01 for Domino

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This document contains the release notes for Symantec AntiVirus/Filtering 3.01 for Domino on Windows NT/2000 (AV/F Domino) inline release builds. This document is written so that the most recent product builds will be added to the front of the document.


AV/F Domino NT 3.01 Build 157

New Fixes and Enhancements:

Return receipt not working when document is quarantined.
Symptom: A document is quarantined. The document delivery includes a return receipt. When the AV/F Domino administrator views the document in quarantine a return receipt is incorrectly sent to the author of the document stating the administrator received and viewed their document rather than the recipient.
Resolution: A code change prevents the sending of the return receipt to the author when the AV/F Domino administrator views the document in Quarantine.

Updated to Decomposer release version 9e
Symptom: An attachment causes nntask to crash and is a known decomposer problem.
Resolution: Updated to Decomposer 9e.

AV/F Domino NT 3.01 Build 151

New Fixes and Enhancements:

Outbreak Detection is not working properly
Symptom: The Outbreak Detection feature was sending alerts based on the number of viruses detected regardless of the time period.
Resolution: The Outbreak Detection timer will now function correctly.

AV/F Domino NT 3.01 Build 148

New Fixes and Enhancements:

Reports are not generating properly
Symptom: Attempting to generate a report from the SAVLog.nsf database with no path on the output file name causes the report generation to fail.
Solution: The current default path is added at run time to fix the problem. In any case, the administrator should still put a full path on the output file.

Email created through Web client could get stuck in
Symptom: If the user sends an email through HTTP (Web client) and saves a draft of that mail, then later tries to edit and send the draft copy, it will be trapped in MAIL.BOX. This is because HTTP creates the Sent/Draft copy by copying the note out of MAIL.BOX, but not before NNHook has marked the note as dead. The end result is that the copy in the users has the routing state set to dead. In build 145 a fix was implemented that would clean the routing state of any new documents put in the users mailbox. This worked fine but it did not solve the problem with any preexisting mail documents marked dead by a previous version of AV/F Domino.
Solution: AV/F Domino now examines all document creations to determine whether they are being created with a dead routing state by AV/F Domino. If AV/F Domino detects such a case, then the routing state and reason fields are cleared so that they will be scanned and routed.

Memory Leak
Symptom: A 60-bite per attachment scanned leak was found.
Solution: The memory is now being freed correctly.

Author field is larger than 65000 bytes.
Symptom: When loading a new report query form, it could report a problem with the Author field containing more than 65,000 bytes.
Solution: The Author field type was changed to alleviate the problem.

Rules not being processed correctly and "Stop Processing More Rules" flag not working
Symptom: Although the order of rule processing cannot be controlled by the user, they are evaluated by physical order of insertion. The flag for "Stop Processing More Rules" was not working.
Solution: The "Stop Processing More Rules" option is now hooked up properly and working.

AV/F Domino NT 3.01 Build 147

New Fixes and Enhancements:

Error dialog "Object Variable not set" when deleting a group in the settings database (Sav.nsf).
Symptom: If the user copies a server group and then tries to delete it, they will receive the "Object Variable not set" dialog box.
Solution: This error occurred when AV/F Domino was looking for the MessageDoc document, and couldn't find it. AV/F Domino will now create the document if it can't find it. The Lotus script that was deleting the document in the code to delete a group has also been fixed to work correctly.

AV/F Domino can cause a Crash if content filtering is on and e-mail is being sent in native MIME mode.
Symptom: NNTask would cause a RIP when scanning a Native MIME message that could not be converted to Rich Text.
Solution: When trying to re-open the note from native MIME to rich text mode (which is necessary for content filtering), Domino can fail. To make it so that AV/F Domino doesn't crash from this Domino error situation, the follow changes/fixes were made:
  • Fixed some code where AV/F Domino was freeing an un-initialized variable. This code was only executed if the above-mentioned error occurred.
  • Added code to several functions in the Notes Class to ensure that the note was open before trying to do anything on it.
  • Added code for a second attempt to re-open the note back to native MIME mode if AV/F Domino can't open it in Rich Text mode. This will at least allow AV/F Domino to look for viruses in attachments and to reset the routing state so that the message can be delivered. If AV/F Domino is able to open the note in the second attempt, it will not be able to do any Content Filtering on it.

AV/F Domino NT 3.01 Build 145

New Fixes and Enhancements:

Default settings for Content Filter can cause loss of data in other Notes databases in domain.
Symptom: By default, content filtering rules apply to both email and document writes. During a manual or scheduled scan, content filtering rules are applied to the contents of every database in the .../data directory. This can result in massive data loss of multiple databases of an entire Domino domain if the content filtering rules were not carefully and narrowly defined and if the user did not understand that content filtering was always performed on scheduled and manual scans.
Solution: Check box options in the user interface were added to allow the user to enable/disable content filtering for manual scans and individual scheduled scans. Check box options were also added to allow the user to configure individual content filtering rules to be enabled or disabled for scheduled or manual scans. Additionally, the default state of the Document writes option (on the content filtering rule form's Basics tab) has been changed to disabled, leaving the Email routing check box as the only default-enabled control in the grouping.

Notes server crashes in 8 to 12 hours after enabling AV/F Domino.
Symptom: This problem is more likely to be experienced on a server with four or more CPUs, less than 600 MB RAM, and with low to medium traffic. Eventually, the Notes server runs out of memory, becomes very unstable, and crashes.
Solution: A memory leak in NNTask.exe was discovered and fixed.

Email addressed to large groups ends up as being marked Dead in and is not routed.
Symptom: Email addressed to groups whose members' mailboxes reside on different servers from the originating server is split into multiple copies and placed into the originating server's Each of their states gets marked Dead by NNHook.dll in preparation for a scan. Each of these copies has the same UNID (Universal Note Identifier). NNTask.exe opens documents in by their UNID, which is promised to be unique within a single Notes database. is apparently an exception to this rule. NNTask.exe scans one of the notes and leaves the rest as Dead.
Solution: The NNTask.exe internal request queue has been modified to track new items by their Note ID within a database and open them by their NID instead of there UNID.

Email created through Web client could get stuck in
Symptom: If a user sends an email using HTTP (Web client), saves a draft of that message, and then later tries to edit and send the draft copy, the email dies in MAIL.BOX. This is because HTTP creates the Sent copy by copying the note out of MAIL.BOX, and this almost always happens after AV/F Domino has marked the note as dead.
Solution: If AV/F Domino encounters a document write that it has marked as dead, AV/F Domino resets the routing state and scans the message.

Server message "NOTES.INI contains the following *DEBUG* parameters:"
Symptom: Lotus Domino R5.0.10 and later now check for the word Debug in the Notes.ini file and give a multiple-line warning message on our variables.
Solution: All AV/F Domino Notes.ini file settings that started with SAVDebug have been changed to SAVTrace. The AV/F Domino 3.0.1 installation automatically updates any existing NAVDebugs or SAVDebugs in the Notes.ini file that are not remarked out to SAVTraces.

See the Symantec document How to obtain an update or an upgrade for your Symantec Corporate product for contact and download information.

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