KNOWN ISSUE: Clients that are managed by Site Maintenance do not download PCT Solution Packages

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When attempting to deploy the package, the client receives the task but never downloads the package. In the details, it doesn't appear to know where to get the package from. The log file states "No packages sources returned by server."


PC Transplant Solution 6.1.1026 and earlier builds
Notification Server 6.0.5287
Site Maintenance enabled


Site Maintenance tells the client it is only supposed to get packages from the Package Server and nowhere else, but PCT packages do not replicate to Package Servers.


To work around this limitation, you can make use of the MaxAgentDownloadTryingTimeMins value in the NS coresettings.config file. This is located at Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\Config. Make sure you back up coresetting.config before making any changes, as this is a very import file, and it is possible to get corrupted as customers make modifications to it. 

The value it takes are represented in minutes. If you set this value to 60, the package download agent will try to download the package from the Package Server for 60 minutes. If it fails, it will then attempt to retrieve it from the NS.

Note:  This value should only be changed when PCT migrations are taking place. If left on, there is the potential to have a lot of traffic hit the NS computer. Altiris is aware that this is a problem for customers and is working on a solution to the issue. This is a workaround until a fix is developed.

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