Error: "Document is in use by "user name" and has been locked" when attempting to open a Server Group document

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When a user attempts to open a Server Group document in the Settings database (Sav.nsf), the error message is shown: "Document is in use by and has been locked."




The following popup is shown when attempting to access a locked document in Domino:


  • SMSDOM  7.x, 8.x
  • Domino Server 8.x
  • Notes client 8.x


The Settings database (Sav.nsf) uses a document locking process to prevent multiple users from simultaneously modifying the same Server Group document. This process prevents Save Conflicts from occurring. However, if a Lotus Notes client stops responding or is not shut down properly while a Server Group document is open, the document may remain locked and the next attempt to open it may result in an error message being displayed.


Note: Before following these steps, make sure that this Server Group document is not being locked by another administrator.

To unlock the Server Group document:

  1. Open the Settings database (Sav.nsf) to enter the Server Group view:

  2. Hold CTRL+SHIFT keys then click View > Go to from the menu bar:

  3. In the Go To list, select '(Lockdocs') then click OK:

  4. Delete all documents with a status of 'Locked':

  5. Press F9 to refresh and confirm the delete operation, then close the view.
  6. You can now enter the Settings pages from the Server Group view


Symantec Lotus Script

Alternatively to the above steps, a Lotus Script can be deployed to unlock documents. Please refer to TECH163939 in the Related Articles section below.

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