How to install VERITAS Cluster Manager.

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How to install VERITAS Cluster Manager.


1. Execute the setup.exe file from a network share or use the Distribution CD installation and choose Cluster Manager Installation. (Figure 1)

Figure 1.

2. Accept all of the defaults by selecting Next at each screen. Installation of files will commence.
3. Select Finish to finalize the installation and close the window.
4. Exit the Installation screen.

The installation of VERITAS Cluster Manager is now complete.

Running and configuring Cluster Manager

1. Double-click the Cluster Manager shortcut on the desktop or use the Start Menu entry (Start|Program Files|VERITAS Cluster Manager).
2. The VERITAS Cluster Manager splash screen appears. The Cluster Manager window appears.
3. Choose File|New Cluster from the Cluster Manager menu bar. (Figure 2)

Figure 2.

4  Enter a name in the Cluster name field. The Cluster name can be anything.
5. Enter the name of one of the nodes that are in your cluster in the Host name field. This is also known as a machine name. Click OK. (Figure 3)

Figure 3.

6. Enter username and password. Click OK. (Figure 4)

Figure 4.

The login process initiates. (Figure 5)

Figure 5.

The Cluster Manager screen appears.Cluster Manager is now ready for use.

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