Installing or running Java LiveUpdate for Symantec AntiVirus/Filtering 3.x for Domino on RedHat Linux

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You have RedHat Linux computers with Lotus Domino installed. The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed with Domino causes the Symantec AntiVirus/Filtering 3.x for Domino installation process and/or the Java LiveUpdate process to hang. You have to manually stop the Java process when this happens.


To fix this problem update the JRE using the following steps.

To update the JRE

  1. Uninstall Symantec AntiVirus/Filtering 3.x for Domino, by running the uninstallsav script located in:
  2. Install a new JRE. An Intel compatible JRE package, IBMJava2-JRE-1.xxxxxx.i386.rpm (where "xxxxxx" is the current available version), can be downloaded at:
    Note: A valid IBM partner account is required to sign in.
  3. Install Symantec AntiVirus/Filtering 3.x for Domino using the switch: -j
  4. When prompted by the installation script, enter the appropriate paths to the indicated JRE files.
  5. At the completion of the Symantec AntiVirus/Filtering 3.x for Domino installation, start the Domino Server.

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