Error: "Field is too large (32k) or Views columns . . . " and "Error: "Paragraph or Field Cannot . . . " when opening the server group document

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When a server group document is opened in the Symantec Mail Security for Domino Settings database (Sav.nsf), an error appears. The error message "Field is too large (32k) or Views columns & selection formulas are too large." Clicking OK causes another error message "Error: "Paragraph or Field Cannot Be Larger than 64K Bytes."



The Symantec Mail Security for Domino product is working as designed.

When this happens, it is possible to divide the servers into multiple Symantec Mail Security for Domino server groups, so no individual group contains servers whose combined names exceed 64 KB.

Use the "Copy Settings to New Group" button to create a copy of your existing server group. Check the names of several servers from the original server group to add them to the new one. Repeat as necessary until the first server group can be opened without generating this error message.

Technical Information
The source of this error is a limitation within Lotus Domino. The limitation is a maximum size for a field in a Lotus Notes document is 64 KB. When the number of servers or servers with unusually long fully qualified Domino names combines, the result may exceed the 64 KB limit of characters to be displayed through the a view in a list box. In this case, the supposed display of servers appears shortened.

Error: 'Field is too large (32k) or view's column and selection formulas too large' when saving document


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