Release notes for Symantec Mail Security for SMTP 4.0.2 - 4.0.5

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Release Notes for Symantec Mail Security for SMTP 4.0.2 - 4.0.5.


Symantec Mail Security for SMTP 4.0.5

Symptom: Intelligent Updater fails.
Solution: Run the Setup-iu.bat file from the command line with the parameter: enabled. This must occur before running the Intelligent LiveUpdater. This information added as a note to the Readme.txt file

Symptom: GMT time for Sao Paulo not displayed correctly.
Solution: Corrected value passed from program to the ICU library.

Symptom: Certain messages were marked as bad and left in the queue.
Solution: Processing changed to remove CRLF’s after the conversion to UTF8.

Symptom: Symantec Mail Security for SMTP should not send notification email to the sender when the sender is undefined. This may occur in a bounce situation.
Solution: Added processing to check senders email addresses prior to sending a notification.

Symptom: Cannot enter multiple email addresses into fields that allow multiple email addresses.
Solution: Corrected processing to split multiple email addresses prior to checking for validity.

Symptom: Default time out of 5 minutes to wait for mail server to acknowledge message received is not long enough.
Solution: Time out changed to 10 minutes.

Symptom: Blocked lists are case-sensitive when the @ entry is used.
Solution: Updated code to compare strings in a case-insensitive manner.

Symptom: Wild-card matching fails when defined matches have leading wild-card characters in the input string.
Solution: Processing now performs a case-insensitive matching when the program encounters an asterisk or question mark as the first character.

Symantec Mail Security for SMTP 4.0.4

Symptom: The latest security patches by Sun interfere with the installation of Symantec Mail Security 4.0 for SMTP.
Solution: Modified the installation scripts to compensate for the changes made by Sun.

Symptom: Improper values returned when viruses discovered at lowest levels of some cascading containers.
Solution: CSAPI updated.

Symptom: Total number of bytes processed resets to zero every 4 gigabytes.
Solution: Code modified to store number correctly.

Symptom: GMT time is not displayed for Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong.
Solution: Correct value now passed.

Symptom: The default notification messages show the product name and version in the "Received:" header of the reported message.
Solution: New configuration parameter created, SMTPSuppressProductName. The parameter is added to the Smssmtp.cfg file, the default value is 0 (zero). This value does not suppress the product name. Setting the value to 1 (decimal one) causes the product name and version to not appear in the "Received" header of each message accepted.

This configuration parameter must be changed in the Smssmtp.cfg file and does not require a restart of the Symantec Mail Security for SMTP service.

Symptom: Custom blacklist is case sensitive.
Solution: Corrected processing in custom blacklist to eliminate case sensitivity.

Symantec Mail Security for SMTP 4.0.3

Symptom: A mail file with a specific malformed MIME may be processed through to the user.
Solution: Decomposer updated.

Symptom: No indication that definitions were actually updated appear in the logs.
Solution: Modified code to ensure spam and virus definition updates logged correctly.

Symptom: Spaces in subject blocking are ignored.
Solution: Modified code to include white space in content filtering.

Symptom: Forwarded messages have an extraneous header printed in the body of the email.
Solution: Remove the extra header line code.

Symptom: Auto-generated white list entries have trouble with certain domain entries.
Solution: Modified code to ensure messages are processed in the most efficient manner.

Symptom: Unable to process a specific message.
Solution: Remove the extraneous CRLF that UTF conversion added to the end of the subject line.

Symptom: Multiple forwarded emails on the same message when multiple subject line blocks are encountered.
Solution: Only send out one email when multiple subject line blocks are encountered.

Symptom: User interface does not accept certain characters as valid email address entries.
Solution: Modified the code to accept the input of special characters in the mailbox field in accordance with RFC 2822.

Symptom: Excessive resource usage when repairing files inside some containers.
Solution: Decomposer updated.

Symptom: Auto-generated white list cannot contain the substring "none."
Solution: Modified code to allow use of the word "none."

Symptom: Incorrect time for Bogota, Beijing, Abu Dhabi, Seoul, Taipei, Tbilisi, Hong Kong, and Yahutsk.
Solution: Corrected by adding Beijing to list of cities to select in the user interface.

Symptom: It is possible for the routing list to be modified without logging in.
Solution: Added a check for authentication before updating the routing list.

Symantec Mail Security for SMTP 4.0.2

Symptom: Replace/delete inconsistencies on some container files.
Solution: Decomposer updated.

Symptom: A specific mail file consumed an inordinate amount of system resources.
Solution: Decomposer updated.

Symptom: Inconsistent string matching when there are spaces between words and wild card characters.
Solution: CSAPI updated.

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