How to safely import expired images from tapes

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How to safely import expired images from tapes


When injecting expired tapes into a library, follow this process to make sure that a media server does not overwrite the tape. The following steps are a safe way to inject the expired tapes into the library while waiting to run the import process.

1. Create a new volume pool
- Click Media and Device Management | Media
- Click Actions | New | Volume Pool
- In the Pool name text box, enter a name for the new volume pool and description.
- Recommend using "imports" as your pool name.
- Click OK

2. Load only the import tapes in the library and do a robot inventory
- Click Media and Device Management | Media | Robots
- Select the robot you want to inventory
- Click Actions | Inventory Robot
- Under Inventory operation click Update volume configuration, then Advance Options.
- At the bottom of the new menu select the "media type" of your import media from the drop-down menu and then the "Import" volume pool under Volume Pool and click OK.
- Click on the "start" button to start the Inventory update of the import media into the Import pool.
- Click "yes" to the update media configuration. Once complete the media should be in the Import pool.

3. Initiate import - Phase 1
- Click Master Server | NetBackup Management | Catalog
- Select Actions | Initiate Import
- A dialog box will appear
- Select Media Host
- Choose the image type of Tape and Enter the Media ID
- Click OK to start the process
- Click on the Catalog Results tab to see the image on the tape log.
- Once all tapes needed have completed Phase 1, you may continue to step 4 (Phase 2)

4. Import backup images - Phase 2
- Click Master Server | NetBackup Management | Catalog
- Set up search criteria to find imported images by setting the search action to Import
- Select the image(s) you wish to import
- Click Actions | Import
- The Confirm Import dialog box appears
- Click OK

These steps will prevent a media server from using the newly unassigned volumes for backups as the scratch pool will be bypassed.

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