How to enable LDAP users to access Brightmail Quarantine with Symantec Mail Security for SMTP 4.1

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You need to provide your LDAP users with the ability to manage their own spam quarantine. You need instructions on configuring Symantec Mail Security for SMTP for this.



Brightmail Quarantine is an add-on to Symantec Mail Security for SMTP Gateways 4.1. It requires a separate license. If you have an active license for Symantec Premium Antispam and have already installed Brightmail Quarantine, you can configure Brightmail Quarantine to allow LDAP users to manage their own spam quarantine.

To permit LDAP users to manage their spam quarantine

  1. In the Brightmail console, log on as an administrative user.
  2. On the Settings tab, in the left pane, under System Settings, click LDAP.
  3. Under LDAP Server, in the Server box, type the fully qualified domain name of the LDAP server.
  4. In the Port box, type the port number on which the LDAP service listens.
  5. On the Type drop-down list, click the appropriate LDAP type.
  6. Under LDAP Server Login, click Use the following, and then, in the Name and Password boxes, type the user name and password for an administrative account.
    When typing the name, use the format, <username>@<domain><top level domain> where <username> is the name of the user, <domain> is the LDAP domain, and <top level domain> is the top level domain, such as com, net, edu, and so on. For example,
  7. Click Test Login to verify that the login works properly.
    If the test fails, re-type the username and password, making sure to avoid errors.
  8. Under Windows Domain Name, if you use Windows Active Directory, type the domain name(s) that you use; otherwise, continue to the next step.
    Do not type the top-level domain.
  9. Under LDAP Query, click Auto Fill.
    If step 7 was successful, all fields under LDAP Query will populate themselves automatically.
  10. Click Test Query to verify that the information is correct.
  11. Save your changes and close the Brightmail Control Center.

To make sure that LDAP works correctly, go to the following Internet address:


Your logon window should contain a field that displays your Windows domain. Log on by using an LDAP account. If the logon fails, verify that your settings are correct.

If LDAP users can connect but nothing appears in their quarantine, read Symantec Knowledge Base article, Users are able to log into Brightmail Quarantine, but cannot see their messages.


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