Cron alert notification: Cron <root@hostname> /opt/Symantec/Brightmail/cli/sbin/watchdog

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You are receiving the following cron alert notifications from your SMS 8200 series appliance:

"Failed to run /usr/sbin/tcpdump -r /tmp/mta-stats.tcpdump.464 -v -nn -i any dst host and dst port 25 and tcp[tcpflags] & (tcp-syn|tcp-fin|tcp-rst) == 0: tcpdump: pcap_loop: bogus savefile header"

"Failed to run '/opt/Symantec/Brightmail/mta/sbin/mta-stats'"


This alert notification is caused by a known issue in the tcpdump script that can occur when an SMS 8200 appliance is under heavy load or it has large mail queues, or both factors are operating. This does not indicate an overall problem with the appliance. The issue is fixed in software update version V.4.0.2-41 released on July 14, 2005.

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