Key benefits and features of Symantec Brightmail products and Symantec Premium AntiSpam

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This page summarizes the key benefits and features in selected Symantec products.


Key benefits and features of selected Symantec products.

Symantec Brightmail Gateway (formerly Mail Security 8200/8300)

  • Industry leading antispam with 99% effectiveness and accuracy of less than 1 in a million false positives, with continuous automatic updates
  • Reliable and effective antivirus protection, including zero-day protection, with the only industry record of over 40 consecutive VB100 awards since November 1999
  • Advanced content filtering and data loss prevention protects sensitive client data and valuable confidential information
  • Comprehensive reporting featuring a dashboard, executive summary and detailed reports demonstrating efficacy and impact while proactively highlighting threat trends and potential compliance issues
  • Protects messaging infrastructure and helps ensure business uptime and user productivity by reducing spam volume and keeping email secure.
  • Protects messaging infrastructure and helps ensure business uptime and user productivity by eliminating malware threats.
  • Protects company reputation and manages risks associated with data loss, internal governance, and regulatory compliance.
  • Reduces administrative costs by removing the complexity of multiple consoles, disparate policies, and incompatible logging and reporting, while demonstrating efficacy and impact of messaging security.

Symantec Traffic Shaper (formerly Brightmail Traffic Shaper/ formerly Symantec Mail Security 8100)

  • Reduces total email volume by up to 70% by stopping spam before it enters the network while ensuring the continuous flow of legitimate mail
  • Contains escalating mail infrastructure costs and lowers administrative hardware, storage, and network overhead
  • Shapes traffic at the TCP protocol level by prohibiting spammers from forcing mail into a protected network. This causes mail to back up on the spammers' servers so that their infrastructure, rather than yours, incurs the burden of spam.
  • Easy to install, compatible with any messaging server, and operates transparently in the network
  • Scales to meet the needs of growing businesses. A single appliance handles up to 750,000 user accounts and email loads in excess of 30 million messages a day
  • Combines with any antispam gateway solution, including Symantec Mail Security 8200 Series appliances, to provide a comprehensive multilayered approach to combat spam
  • Powered by Symantec Brightmail AntiSpam technology and response. Over 300 million email accounts protected. Monitors, detects, and responds to new spamming techniques and traffic patterns

Symantec Brightmail Message Filter (formerly Brightmail AntiSpam)

  • Over 20 different filtering technologies, including proprietary signatures and heuristics.
  • 97% antispam effectiveness.
  • Fewer than 1 in a million false positive rate.
  • Automated spam trend updates every 5-10 minutes.
  • Backed by the Symantec Global Intelligence Network with 11 security centers and 29 support centers worldwide.
  • Award-winning solution leverages multiple technologies, global distributed operations centers, patented spam detection network, and real-time filter delivery mechanism to protect email network.
  • Industry's highest accuracy rate ensures users don't miss important email.
  • Daily monitoring of accuracy and automatic review of all potential false positives reduce administration overhead.
  • Frequent and automatic updates provide latest protection and require no tuning or training of filters by administrators.

Symantec Mail Security for Domino and Microsoft Exchange

  • Add-on subscription service powered by Brightmail technology and response provides best-of-breed spam prevention for Symantec Mail Security and Symantec AntiVirus Enterprise Edition customers
  • Multi-layered spam prevention leverages multiple filtering technologies, including spam signatures, heuristics, reputation filters, language identification, and proprietary methods
  • Offers a spam detection rate of 95% and the highest accuracy rate against false positives (99.9999%)*
  • No new software or hardware is required, and the service requires no additional IT administration or tuning once deployed
  • 95% spam-catching rate1
  • 99.9999% accuracy rate
  • Protects over 300 million users
  • Filters over 15% of worldwide email and over 100 billion email per month
  • Protects 9 of the top 12 U.S. ISPs3
  • Global operations centers in the United States, Ireland, Australia, and Taiwan
  • Automatic secure update of content filters every 5-10 minutes 24x7 that respond to the latest spamming threats
  • Automatically detects spam without requiring manual adjustment of filtering rules or monitoring of false positives
  • Flexible administrative settings for handling spam
  • Includes Symantec Reputation Service that detects spam based on spam sources and suspect spam IP addresses
  • Antifraud filters to protect against phishing and email fraud
  • Backed by Symantec Security Response in conjunction with the Brightmail Logistics and Operations Center (BLOC) which monitors spam for over 300 million email users worldwide

Symantec Hosted Email Security

  • Virus and spam protection – blocks 99% of spam and protects against 100% of known and unknown viruses delivered via email.
  • Content and image control – blocks users from sending and receiving unauthorized or inappropriate content.
  • Hosted service offerings – no need to purchase or manage hardware and software.
  • Industry leading SLAs - for service performance, service availability, email latency, and fault response.
  • 24/7 support – included with your subscription at no additional cost.
  • Increases employee productivity while reducing the risk of security breaches.
  • Enables businesses to enforce acceptable usage policies, reduce data loss, and maintain regulatory compliance.
  • Enables rapid implementation, delivers predictable costs, and reduces total cost of ownership.
  • Ensures the highest quality of service delivery.
  • Provides access to a dedicated team of SaaS specialists who understand the importance of service excellence.

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