Release notes for software update 4.1.2-17 for Symantec Mail Security 8200 Series appliances

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This page is a copy of the release notes for software update 4.1.2-17 for Symantec Mail Security 8200 Series appliances.



Before you update to 4.1.2-17 keep in mind the following:

Don’t reboot while the update processes
The time the update process takes depends on the size of your database and your network connection. Do not reboot or interrupt the update process. Any interruption can cause problems with the installation of the update. Do not launch the update command by the Command Line interface at the same time or during an update by the Control Center (or vice versa). Doing so can cause issues with the update.

Cannot restore a previous backup of the database
You cannot restore a previous backup of the database. If you want to restore your system to the previous version use the following section.

To backup the current Brightmail database

  1. Login as admin in the command line.
  2. Perform a db-backup, specifying the brightmail database. This file should be stored off appliance. Use the command:
    db-backup -f <file options> brightmail

    This will provide a valid backup if you need to restore the software to the prior version.
  3. Perform the software update to 4.1.2-x.

What's in the software update

* An updated AV decomposer that addresses the recent RAR file vulnerability in which specially crafted RAR files could potentially cause buffer overflows to occur.

* Addresses an issue in which the Filter Hub reported a signal 11 error when processing messages with certain annotations

* Fixes an issue with TLS support relating to certificate verification

* Adds a 'clear syncdata' option for the 'clear' command.

This command shuts down LDAP synchronization, and removes all LDAP synchronization configuration information.

You must log into the command line interface of the appliance as an administrator to perform this command.

To clear LDAPSynch data:

1) From the admin prompt, type:
clear syncdata
The system asks you to confirm your deletion.

2) To confirm, type yes.
The LDAP Synchronization service is stopped, and the LDAP configuration data is cleared. The LDAP Synchronization service is then restarted and the Control Center is restarted. This may take a few minutes.

3) When Control Center has restarted, log in to Control Center and delete
any existing LDAP sources.
Note: You can choose to keep user preferences; they will be replicated correctly if you later re-add the same LDAP source. When asked if you want to keep user settings, click 'Cancel' to preserve these settings, or 'OK' to clear them.

4) Go to Settings->Replication Settings and disable replication.

5) Re-add your LDAP source(s).

6) Re-enable replication.
You can now synchronize and replicate your new LDAP sources.

How to apply the software update
Apply the software update by using one of the following methods.

To update from the Brightmail Control Center

  1. On the Administration tab, in the left navigation panel, click Software Updates.
  2. In the lower right corner, click Update.

To update from the Command Line Interface

  1. Log on through SSH to a command line.
  2. At the prompt type the command and press Enter.
    update download
  3. Type the command and press Enter.
    update install


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