Release notes for software update 4.1.2-21 for Symantec Mail Security 8200 Series appliances

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This page is a copy of the release notes for the software update 4.1.2-21 for Symantec Mail Security 8200 Series appliances.



March, 2006

Don’t reboot while the update processes
The time the update process takes depends on the size of your database and your network connection. Do not reboot or interrupt the update process. Any interruption can cause problems with the installation of the update. Do not launch the update command by the Command Line interface at the same time or during an update by the Control Center (or vice versa). Doing so can cause issues with the update.

Cannot restore a previous backup of the database
You cannot restore a previous backup of the database. If you want to restore your system to the previous version use the following section.

To backup the current Brightmail database

  1. Login as admin in the command line.
  2. Perform a db-backup, specifying the brightmail database. This file should be stored off appliance. Use the command:
    db-backup -f <file options> brightmail

    This will provide a valid backup if you need to restore the software to the prior version.
  3. Perform the software update to 4.1.2-x.

This software update includes the following changes and fixes:

* Improved support for displaying unencoded Asian language messages in the Quarantine list view: Previously, unencoded DBCS messages did not display correctly in the Quarantine. This release provides a drop-down list in the Quarantine list view that allows you to choose from an available Asian language encoding in order to better view the message. The encoding changes are only available for select Asian languages and apply only to envelope and message header information. The body of the quarantined mail is not affected.

* Required review of the software update description: Beginning with this release, you must first display the software update description before downloading and applying an update. This ensures that Symantec can convey important information regarding the updates, convey any important pre-processing steps, or direct you to relevant knowledge base articles prior to performing a software update.

* When editing a scheduled report, the Control Center now correctly populates the "direction" field that was originally saved.

* Quarantine administrators with View Only privileges now have stricter access rights so they cannot delete and release messages.

* Previously, administrators could not fully customize reports if the Browser was set to non-English regional settings. This issue has been resolved.

* In some instances, internal range IP addresses were getting a "suspect" verdict. This issue has been resolved.

* Under some circumstances, false positive submissions submitted via Quarantine may be invalid. This issue has been resolved

* Previously, you may have seen the following error written repeatedly to the Filter Hub log: "ERROR: unable to seek". This error is triggered by certain malformed messages, but the occurrence of the error does not indicate any vulnerability in the system. No messages passed through the system unscanned or unprocessed, but the conditions that caused this message to be displayed are not sufficient to warrant an ERROR level message. This message has therefore been downgraded to a NOTICE level message.

* With this release, when you restore a database from a backup, the configuration data stored in the Control Center is now automatically pushed out to all the Scanners, and does not require you to manually propagate this data via the Control Center.


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