Updated driver(s) for Storage Tek L180 & L700 Automated tape library

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Updated driver(s) for Storage Tek L180 & L700 Automated tape library


Package Description:
New Device Driver Description
Device support for VERITAS Storage Migrator is updated and expanded whenever
necessary, independently of any release updates.  When a new version of
is released, these new drivers are then rolled into the base code.  
This methodology allows us to release device drivers continuously
throughout the year.

If the version you are running is lower than 2.61 you should upgrade to this
version before applying this patch.  There are instructions below on how to
implement support for these newly supported device(s).

New Device(s) Supported

* Storage Tek L180 and L700 Automated tape library


Device Driver Installation Instructions - - (HOW TO IMPLEMENT)
1. On the Storage Migrator Host Computer, stop the Storage Migrator HSM Service
and the Links Service using the Services icon in the NT Control Panel group.

**** Note: file recalls cannot be satisfied while either the recall or HSM
services are stopped.

2. Copy the new device file: AVINST.INI to the HSM\INI directory on the Storage
      Migrator installation volume.  (This will be a file replacement.)

3. Copy the three new *.DLL's (AVTRNT50.DLL, AVTRNT51.DLL, and AVLIBT61.DLL) to the
       HSM\EXE directory on the Storage Migrator installation volume.
       (AVTRNT50.DLL and AVTRNT51.DLL will be file replacements)

4. Re-Start the Storage Migrator HSM and Links services.


stdriver_231768.exe (173 kBytes)

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