Restore of Bare Metal Restore (BMR) Windows clients will fail with error message "Failed to install network driver - check WINBOM".

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Restore of Bare Metal Restore (BMR) Windows clients will fail with error message "Failed to install network driver - check WINBOM".


"Failed to install network driver - check WINBOM"


This error will occur if the RIS driver for the Broadcom NetXtreme II chip set is missing, is sufficiently back level,  
or fails to load during the WinPE initialization. The special RIS driver is part of the
BMR Boot Server starting with the 6.5.1 release and does not have to be added to the Fast Restore CD.
As a verification of this, check the Fast Restore Shared Resource Tree (SRT) and look for the files:


The installed version of these drivers on the BMR Boot Server 6.5.1 and 6.5.2 should show to be  "driverver   = 04/27/2007,"
For the BMR Boot Server at the 6.5.3 6.5.4 release, this should show "driverver   = 04/20/2008,".  

Later versions of these driver files exist on the Broadcom website. Check the SRT file system and verify the release level of the two files. Updating the SRT with the latest driver version will not have a negative effect on the SRT or the restore process.  Go to the Broadcom Web site and download the latest version of the two driver files. Ensure you select the RIS driver for Windows 2003. Replace the existing two files in the locations noted above

For the HP Gigabit network adapters that use the Broadcom NetXtreme II chip set, such as the NC373i  adapter, additional inf files are being created as part of the Fast Restore SRT  file system when a Prepare To Restore operation is executed..  These files contain the same Device ID information as the 'b06nd.inf' file, but point to conflicting driver files.  As such, the proper driver fails to be loaded causing the "check WINBOM" error at boot time.

To fix this problem, the conflicting inf files must be removed from the SRT prior to the creation of the ISO images.  The files that require removal are:


The following driver files should to be removed as well:


These are the virtual bus drivers that are used in a standard Windows environment but are incompatible with the WinPE environment and are not used by BMR during the restore process.

Once the conflicting files have been removed, create a new ISO image specifying the updated SRT as the source and retry the restore operation.

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