Message tracker shows an action of "Hold message in spam quarantine" but the message is not quarantined by Symantec Mail Security for SMTP 5

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You installed Symantec Mail Security for SMTP to a server. Message tracker shows an action of "Hold message in spam quarantine" It appears that Symantec Mail Security for SMTP 5 did not quarantine the message.



Before troubleshooting this problem, confirm that Symantec Mail Security for SMTP 5.0 is installed on an environment that meets the minimum system requirements. This symptom can occur when the product is installed on unsupported environments.

The following are possible solutions to this problem. You may have to use all solutions to resolve your problem.

  • Restart Tomcat to update its display to reflect the correct message status.
  • Check Scanner logs for relevant errors.
  • Verify Quarantine settings related to LDAP, expunging and/or thresholds.
  • Verify the IP in the Scanner's bmiconfig.xml file matches the IP for the Quarantine

To restart the Tomcat service

  1. Open the Symantec Mail Security for SMTP user interface.
  2. Log on as Administrator.
  3. On the Windows taskbar, click Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Services.
    If you see an error message while performing this step, then troubleshoot that error message before proceeding.
  4. Right-click SMS SMTP Tomcat > Restart.

To check Scanner logs within Symantec Mail Security for SMTP 5 for relevant errors

  1. Open the Symantec Mail Security for SMTP user interface.
  2. Log on as a user with administrative privileges.
  3. In the left pane, on the Status tab, click Logs.
  4. In the right pane, in the drop-down list for Hosts, select the host for the Scanner you want to examine.
  5. In the drop-down for Component, select Scanner.
  6. Click Display.

To verify Quarantine settings

  1. Open the Symantec Mail Security for SMTP user interface.
  2. In the left pane on the Settings tab, click Quarantine.
  3. In the right pane, uncheck Administrator-only Quarantine (LDAP not required).
  4. Uncheck Delete messages sent to unresolved email addresses.
  5. Uncheck Symantec Security Response.
  6. Under Spam Quarantine Expunger, make note of each setting related to expunger.
    These settings determine how frequently Expunger runs, how long Expunger permits Quarantine items to remain before deleting them.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Send a test message as described in Testing mail flow and spam detection for Symantec products with antispam.
  9. View the quarantine to see if the test message appears.

To examine bmiconfig.xml in notepad

  1. On the computer where the scanner is installed, open a text editor (such as Notepad.exe or vi),
    Do not use a word processor such as WordPad to open the file. Word processors can alter the file format and cause the file to become unusable.
  2. Open the Bmiconfig.xml file. The location depends on the operating system of the server.
    Windows servers
    C:\Program Files\Symantec\SMSSMTP\scanner\etc\bmiconfig.xml

    Linux or Solaris
  3. Go to the line:

    The actual IP in brackets will vary. If the IP shown in the bmiconfig.xml files is not the IP of the Spam Quarantine, the scanner needs to be reinstalled. If the scanner is the only scanner in the Control Center, then the Control Center also needs to be reinstalled.


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