Symantec Mail Security: Java LiveUpdate cannot download definitions - "The file being retrieved exceeded ..."

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Attempts to update Symantec Mail Security for SMTP via Java LiveUpdate (JLU) are unsuccessful.  The logs indicate "The file being retrieved exceeded the maximum allowed size..."


You can see the following errors from the Java LiveUpdate logs:

23-Aug-2007 11:14:31 The file being retrieved exceeded the maximum allowed size of 614,400 bytes.

23-Aug-2007 11:14:31 Downloading to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users.WINNT\Application Data\Symantec\Java LiveUpdate\Downloads\ ...

23-Aug-2007 11:14:31 Connecting to via FTP ...

23-Aug-2007 11:14:31 Connected to

23-Aug-2007 11:14:34 Receiving file ...

23-Aug-2007 11:16:25 The file being retrieved exceeded the maximum allowed size of 614,400 bytes.

23-Aug-2007 11:16:26 The Java LiveUpdate session has completed successfully.

23-Aug-2007 11:16:26 Return code = 0 



 Your Java LiveUpdate version is 2.x


When the main process of Java LiveUpdate starts, it downloads the file from Symantec's public hosts. Because of an internal setting within Java LiveUpdate 2.x, the maximum size for the zip file is set to 614400 bytes.  This cannot be changed.  

Unfortunately, the recent files are bigger than this maximum size. Once the size limitation check occurs, the main process quits.


This can be overcome by upgrading the Java LiveUpdate version to 3.x.

Please follow the steps below to perform the upgrade:

Note: If you are using Unix, to uninstall JLU run the uninstall script in the /opt/Symantec/LiveUpdate/ directory; everything else will be the same as below.

  1. Download the JLU 3.0 distribution (attached) and unpack it to a temporary folder (password: symantec)
  2. Stop the Symantec Mail Security for SMTP service. 
  3. Go to add/remove programs and uninstall Java LiveUpdate. 
  4. After the old version of JLU is uninstalled, open a command prompt
  5. Browse to the REDIST directory (it is the directory that has ‘jlu.jar’) of the unpacked JLU 3.0
  6. Run the command:

    “java –classpath jlu.jar”
  7. This will install the new JLU.
  8. After the installation, start the smssmtp 4.1 service and run LiveUpdate. 

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