Symantec Mail Security Domino-MPE error: "CNotesGlobalMutex::Init: /tmp/FILEMUTEX: Permission denied."

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Partitioned servers with Symantec Mail Security for Domino Multi Platform Edition 3.2.x installed on two or more partitions causes any partition that is started second to crash with the error:

"SMSDom-MPE: CNotesGlobalMutex::Init: /tmp/FILEMUTEX: Permission denied."


This error is caused because the Domino partitions are running as different users. The file /tmp/FILEMUTEX is created with the owner and group of the first user to start a Domino partition. Subsequent servers started by different users are denied access to the file.


There are two solutions. Either make each user a member of the other users' primary groups, or create a new group and make it the primary group for each user.

The following example of "/etc/group" entry lines for notes1 group and notes2 group will not allow access to the "/tmp/FILEMUTEX" by any partition other than the partition that created it, causing subsequent servers to start and then crash.


Adding the user notes2 to the notes1 group and notes1 user to the notes2 group will allow the "/tmp/FILEMUTEX" file to be accessed by the partition that starts after the "/tmp/FILEMUTEX" file is created.

The below lines from an "/etc/group" show the group membership described in the example above.

Ensure the /tmp/FILEMUTEX has file permissions rw-rw-r--

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