Unable to release mail from Suspect Virus Quarantine

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Error "Not all selected messages could be released. See the Control Center logs for details." when trying to release messages from the Suspect Virus Quarantine

Cannot release any messages from the suspect virus quarantine manually
  • Messages do not automatically release from the suspect virus quarantine as scheduled
  • Messages can be released from the Spam Quarantine

  • Scanner and Control Center are not installed on the same machine
  • Scanner is located in the DMZ (De-Militarized Zone), outside the firewall
  • Control Center is located in the production network, inside the firewall


Firewall is blocking communication from the Control Center to the Scanner on Port 25 to allow the message to get released


Brightmail handles messages in the Spam Quarantine differently from messages in the Suspect Virus Quarantine. Messages in the Spam Quarantine are located in the mySQL database on the Control Center. When those messages are released, they are delivered directly from the Control Center to the internal gateway.

Messages in the Suspect Virus Quarantine are not delivered directly from the Control Center to the internal gateway. Instead, those messages are marked with a re-insertion tag to be re-scanned, and thus must be delivered back to the scanner to be scanned and passed along to the downstream mail server.

When the Control Center is located inside the firewall and the Scanner outside the firewall, port 25 must be opened between the Control Center and the Scanner.

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