GENERAL ERROR: Hot Catalog Backups fail with Status Code 1

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GENERAL ERROR: Hot Catalog Backups fail with Status Code 1


Overview: Status code 1 indicates that not all the files were successfully backed up. The Hot Catalog backup logs to bpbkar and bpdbm on the master.


The bpdbm log may not say any more than:
09:55:46.586 [4396.5840] <16> exec_catalog_backup: failed to execute C:\Program Files\VERITAS\NetBackup\bin\bpbackup.exe -p HotCatalogBackup -h master1 -t 35 -pop 118326 -s OffsiteCatalogBackup -w CATALOG_DRIVEN_BACKUP (1)

The bpbkar log will have greater detail as to what file was at issue:

8:12:34.322 AM: [5748.5300] <4> V_CatBackupWin::V_NextCatBackupDirective: INF - Catalog backup: CATALOG_BACKUP client1 POLICYNAME_1107234578_UBAK
8:12:34.385 AM: [5748.5300] <16> V_CatBackupWin::V_ExpandCatalogBackupDirective: ERR - db_getImgBackupList failed, err: 12. Client: client1, Image ID: POLICYNAME_1107234578_UBAK
8:12:34.385 AM: [5748.5300] <16> V_CatBackupWin::V_StartCatBackupDirective: ERR - Unable to expand hot catalog backup directive: CATALOG_BACKUP client1 POLICYNAME_1107234578_UBAK
8:12:34.385 AM: [5748.5300] <4> V_CatBackupWin::V_NextCatBackupDirective: INF - Error processing hot catalog backup item. Advancing to next item

Log Files:  bpdbm, bpbkar

WARNING: Use caution when running the following steps.
Remove the corrupt image header described by bpbkar log. In this case, the corrupt header is located at \veritas\netbackup\db\image\client1\1107000000\POLICYNAME_1107234578_UBAK. Remove all files that begin with that name in the same folder.
If present, it may be also necessary to delete the related files located in the catstore subfolder as well.

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