How to Write IM Manager Messages Into an IM Manager MSMQ

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You have IM Manager MSMQ messges on the server file system. You wish to write those into an IM Manager queue for writing to the IM Manager database.


1. Download the tool:
2. Unzip the contents of the file to an IM Manager server where the MSMQ messages are on the file system.
3. Locate the messages that are being uploaded and place them in the same directory. Each filename should start identically, then have a consecutive number, and have an extension of msq. For example: msgs1.msq, msgs2.msq, msgs3.msq, etc.
4. Stop the Windows service IMLogService Service. This does not affect end user messaging.
5. Open a command prompt window, navigate to the directory where you unzipped the utility.
6. Run the command line tool.

Syntax: writequeue.exe <queuename> <filePrefix> <maximumindex> (e.g. writequeue.exe .\private$\immanagerprocessingqueue msg 100

7. Restart the Windows IMLogService service.

How to Extract IM Manager Messages from an MSMQ

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