REGISTER FONTS ACTION: Hangs installation on some NT based machines

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Some installation .EXEs hang when the Register Font actions is executed.


Product: Wise Installation System
Windows NT-based operating systems


When copying to the FONTs directory it does a SendMessage:(HWND_BROADCAST,WM_FONTCHANGE,0,0).  The problem is on my DELL running XP, Dell's support program DAMon hangs and doesn't service it's message pump.  The result is, our installer hangs after trying to copy fonts.  

Instead you should use SendMessageTimeout so your program doesn't hang because of other ill behaved programs running on the system.  If you look in MSDN under WM_SETTINGCHANGE, it recommends to use SendMessageTimeout to broadcast the change and not just SendMessage.


This issue has been resolved in Wise Package Studio 7.0 and Wise Installation Studio/Express 7.0.

Call the AddFontResource API manually using SendMessageTimeout instead of SendMessage (see for basic information about manually installing fonts)

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