How to Extract IM Manager Messages from an MSMQ

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There are IM Manager messages in the IM Manager processing queue or the IM Manager recovery queue. You wish to move those messages from the MSMQ to the file system.



Download and extract the tool from the Symantec FTP site to a directory on your IM Manager server. The archive password is imlogic.

  1. Stop the Windows service IMLogService.
  2. Open a command prompt on the server and cd to the directory where popqueue is extracted.
  3. Run the tool.
    • NOTE: Prior to running this tool ensure you have enough disk space to hold all the queue messages.
      • Use the following command to extract messages in the IM Manager Processing Queue: popqueue.exe .\private$\immanagerprocessingqueue 1 10000000
      • Use the following command to extract messages from the IM Manager recovery queue: popqueue.exe .\private$\immanagerrecoveryqueue 1 10000000
  4. Restart the Windows service IMLogService.

More Information:

The following are the command line options:

    popqueue.exe [-o outputfilename] <queuename> <startingMessageNumber> <endingMessageNumber>

    [-o outputfilename]
    This is an optional parameters. If present the tool prints the messages to the specified filename. The sender, recipient and contents are wrriten in CSV format.
    <queuename> The queue names in IM Manager are prefixed .\private$\. If your queue is not using a default name, enter it after the prefix: .\private$\<queuename>.


      This is typically either .\private$\immanagerprocessingqueue or .\private$\immanagerrecoveryqueue.

    <startingMessageNumber> Start with message number. Typically start a one.
    <endingMessageNumber> End with message number. This is the number of the last message in the queue. You can provide a number more than are in the queue. The tool will stop when all are extracted with an error message.


How to pop the first message?

    c:\popqueue.exe .\private$\immanagerprocessingqueue 0 1

How to pop a range of messages?

    c:\popqueue.exe .\private$\immanagerprocessingqueue 1 100

How to pop a range of messages and output the data to a file also?

    c:\popqueue.exe -o testout.csv .\private$\immanagerprocessingqueue 1 1004.

NOTE: There are situations where messages cannot be written to a CSV file. The tool prints out errors in this situation. Run the tool again without the -o parameter and output filename.

How to Write IM Manager Messages Into an IM Manager MSMQ


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