How to identify and request removal of an Internet Protocol (IP) address from one of Symantec's IP based block lists

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No emails originating from a specific IP address are being delivered to users whose email is protected by a Symantec Brightmail product.



Symantec provides a public-facing website that allows users to input an IP address and view its status in the Symantec Reputation System.

If users believe an reputation is incorrect, the users can request that the IP be investigated further by clicking the "investigate" link that appears with the result of the query. If an IP does not have a negative reputation here, it is not on the global blacklists in any Symantec Brightmail or Symantec Mail Security product.

Investigation requests are typically processed within 24hrs.The investigation site is for the resolution of issues related to Symantec’s IP reputation service and is not related in any way to any 3rd party RBLs.
Users receive confirmation that their investigation request will be processed, but no final confirmation is sent to confirm the action taken, if any.
Symantec reserves the right to review all requests and take appropriate action based on observed email traffic originating from the IP in question.
To check the reputation of a specific IP address, go to:

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