failure. User is not an Enterprise Reporter user.

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Issue failure. User is not an Enterprise Reporter user.

Solution script delivered with CommadCentral Enterprise Reporter fails.
download new er_password script and replace the origianl script located
at /opt/VRTSccer/bin

To run the change password script
1 Open an operating system console and log in to the Enterprise Reporter
Management Server host as root.
2 In the console, change to the Management Server host directory.
By default, this directory is:
3 Set the environment variables by sourcing the script. For example,
if you are running the bash shell, source the script by entering the following:
4 Update password information by typing the following command followed by
the name of the user. To print this message, include the -h argument.
perl -h -u username

The first character in an Oracle password must be a letter.
Only letters, numbers, and the symbols "#", "_" and "$" are acceptable in a password.
capitalization is not considered when storing Oracle passwords

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