Vault Cache does not synchronize or download any items.

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Client behavior: Vault Cache does not synchronize or download any items.


When viewing the Vault Cache properties, it will display No Vaults Available and the synchronization will not run. Additionally, the header synchronization could show an error: Failed: Could not connect to Server


When the EV Server is installed on a Windows 2008, Vault Cache will not work unless ASP.NET Impersonation is enabled on the EnterpriseVault virtual directory in IIS.
Problem Identification Steps
1. Obtain a full EV client trace from the problematic user (Maximum logging)

2. In the log a call to /EnterpriseVault/ListArchives.aspx will be seen:
HDR: Requesting URL:http://<evserver>/EnterpriseVault/ListArchives.aspx

Later in the log the following the message:

HDR:SYNC: ListArchives:<ListArchivesResponse><Archives Date="1244763232"/></ListArchivesResponse>

There is no Archive information because impersonation is disabled and NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM user does not have permission to the archive information.

A Dtrace of the AuthServer process will show:-

(AuthServer) <11172> EV:M CClientAuthIntImpl::RegisterClientIdentity Registering currently impersonated client. User:NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Flags:None (0x0) (hr=Success [0])

3. Browsing to the following URL will produce the below result: http://<evserver>/EnterpriseVault/ListArchives.aspx

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
-<http://<evserver>/EnterpriseVault/ListArchives.aspx>; <MDCSyncResponse hr="0" msg="SUCCESS">
-<http://<evserver>/EnterpriseVault/ListArchives.aspx>; <ListArchivesResponse>
<Archives Date="1239246395" />

The output should be:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
- <MDCSyncResponse hr="0" msg="SUCCESS">
- <ListArchivesResponse>
- <Archives Date="1240007567">
<Archive ArchiveName="Administrator" Structured="1" IndexingLevel="1" VaultEntryId="11C1F8475374A2148A3AB86F5921D33551110000EVSITE" Type="9" WebAppURL="http://<evserver>/EnterpriseVault" />

4. There will be no *.mdc file in the OV Root Path.


The EnterpriseVault virtual directory in IIS should have "ASP.NET Impersonation" and should be changed to "Enabled"


1. Open IIS Manager

2. Expand Sites

3. Select Enterprise Vault in the left pane and click Authentication

4. Confirm ASP.NET Impersonation is set to disabled and if so change this to enabled.

5. Restart IIS

6. Try running the URL http://<evserver>/EnterpriseVault/ListArchives.aspx and on client machine. It should now return with archive information.

7. Perform a manual synchronization of Vault Cache from Outlook. It should start synchronizing and downloading items as expected.

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