What are the changes in BESR 8.0.5? Here are the list of items that are fixed in BESR 8.0.5

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What are the changes in BESR 8.0.5? Here are the list of items that are fixed in BESR 8.0.5


Backups of Win XP complete but show error 'COM Surrogate has encountered a problem and needs to close  

Error "No recovery points exists for x:\" after backup completes to NAS. Recovery points physically exist  

After upgrade to BESR8.0.4 by LiveUpdate, the CD/DVD-ROM and Tape drives disappear  

When configuring LOR with Static IP selected, the option to select "Start Network Services" should be disabled  

The About box should show an edition with the product name  

About box needs to have the copyright dates updated to include 2009  

Start pcAnywhere and autostart networking should be dependent controls  

BESR should report success with warning message in the event log when trying to run job from BESRS for drives that do not exist.  

RestoreEndEvent is fired for only one drive from BESR, when Multiple Drives are restored(Requirement for BESRS).  

Question about why BESR report the “blank” status although the schedule failed  

Problem with ""save backup files to a unique subfolder"" option  

Changes needs to be updated in BESR 8.0 and 8.5 SP for the fix made in bug no. 1679496  

FTP Config details is not published up to the server for BESR8.5/ 8.0 clients  

Password for offsite image needs to be encrypted with offsite image ID rather than primary image id  

BESR does not report drive letters correctly (BESR/EMC/SFW issue)  

The fix made for bug no. 1598937 should be integrated in BESR 8.0 and 8.5 service pack to have BESR-MS manage 8.0 & 8.5 clients  

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