Netstat shows a large number of ‘time_wait’ connections on port 25

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"Netstat -ano" shows a large number of ‘time_wait’ connections on port 25. The owning Process ID is ‘0', which is the System Idle process.

These are not messages queueing to be relayed: Inbound, Outbound, and Delivery queues are all empty.

Enabling "Drop invalid recipients" does not help to lower the amount of connections.



This can happen if the response time of Active Directory is very slow.
There may be a lot of connections to the LDAP server on port 389.


Delete the LDAP source.
Set it to use the Global Catalog port, on port 3268. This should improve response times.

Technical Information
You can find the process by opening Task Manager.

In Task Manager, go to View > Select columns.
Here you select the Process Identifier (PID).


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